Thursday 12 January 2012

Weekly Challenges!

Quick post today , sometimes I enter into the Makeup Geek Weekly Challenges, every two weeks or so you get an email with the challenge which might be a theme or colors you need to use etc.. I m always trying out makeup, playing out with different looks and whats not a better excuse to show them off for a competition you might even win something! Looks can be as simple or dramatic as you like, it just has to be your own work and not photo-shopped in anyway. So if you want to enter register here and then click forum and weekly challenges and post your look. Simple as that!

This challenge we had to use blue , white and silver! I went wild because I love avant garde makeup and if I could wear it out all day I would! Its kind of sea nymph/ ice queen inspired , I am not posting a tutorial on this look because I do not think my readers would want one, but if you do comment below or email me and I'll be happy to do a post on it.


  1. I really like this look you created. Icey is a great description. I'm guessing u mixed the eyeshadow with clear gloss again but how? I tried to do it an it doesn't work for me lol

  2. Hi Steph, you need to scrape off some of the eyeshadow I use a clean disposable mascara wand but u can use anything really then mix the loose shadow with gloss. Hope this helps


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