Monday 2 January 2012

L'oreal Studio Secrets Primer

Just before Christmas I popped into Boots in Dundrum to pick up some much needed essentials for Christmas. I primarily went in to buy Revlon Colorstay foundation as my Inglot one had ran out. In blogs and vlog land this foundation has been raved about by everyone so I had to try it out. So over to the Revlon stand I went and was trilled to see if you bought €20 of Revlon products you got a box of goodies free this included a mascara lip gloss and nail polish. Now there was no boxes in sight apart from the tester one, so before I bought something I did not need from Revlon ( Colorstay is €17.50) I asked one of the sales assistant was there any boxes left. After about 10 minutes of waiting she reappeared to tell me there was none left and she was sorry. I said it was fine and not to worry and carried on with my shopping. Standing in the deodorant section she reappeared again and handed me a L'oreal box of goodies proclaiming it was better. It was only when I had left the shop I realised that I never picked up the other Revlon product and had only spent 17.50 not the 20 euro I was supposed to spend. Did I go back? I did in my .....

The box contained a a full size lipstick, eyeliner and blusher/bronzer/highlighter trio. As well as samples of youth genetics moisturiser, samples of their new triple resist shampoo and conditioner and their new studio secrets primer. The sales assistant was right this box was much better! I dished out the moistuiser to my mam and popped the makeup in my kit. The one thing I did use on my face was the primer and I am in love!

To me this a complete dupe to Benefits Porefessional. From the feeling to how it's sits on your skin to how it looks and works. The only difference is the color but both go on transparent. Porefessional is an oily girls must have primer. And has had rave reviews in fashion magazines and blogs and continues to be one of Benefits top sellers each week. Studio Secrets primer does everything porefessional does. It leaves your skin with a velvet like texture, minimises the appearance of pores and prolongs the wear of your foundation. It feels light on your skin so does not feel you have extra layers on, my foundation sat perfectly on top of it all day and after my initial powdering in the morning to set my makeup, I never needed to powder again during the day , shiny free and matte all day just the way I liked it! I got 3 applications out of this sample and I was very sad to see it go I knew I had to get some more. Did I remember when I went shopping the other day? Nope totally forgot, after superdrug did not have the palettes I wanted the rest of my makeup went out the window I even forgot to pick up more mascara and have been scraping the last out of my Maybelline Falsies for the last few days now! I have a list though for Thursday and I will not leave until I have everything on the list and this primer is number 1! Price I am not too sure on but I am sure it's under €20 which is a big difference to Benefits €33.50. If you have oily skin I would defiantly recommend this primer, you never know boots mite still have some testers so pop in and ask and try it out for yourself!

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  1. Great story and review. Haha. I never notice the promotions in store. I must try it!


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