Tuesday 3 January 2012

Some Surprise Finds!

Today has been a good day, not only did my E.L.F and Boohoo.com deliveries arrive but I found some things I had forgotten about. I have recently moved back into my family home after much reluctance but the cost of living is too high for a country in recession! I moved back into my old room which is literally full to the brim of things from my teenage years. Silly momentum's that should have gone in the bin years ago but really I have a little bit of a hoarding problem and I stupidly keep things and refuse to throw them out. I used to never throw out receipts that finally had to stop a year or two ago. As well as these momentum's was my mountain of bags and shoes that I had either left here after a visit or forgot I had even bought! I also had clothes since I was 15 clogging up my wardrobe thinking maybe I would wear them again or keeping them for my fat days! With all the stuff I brought back from my old place and my new Christmas additions I knew something had 2 change. So yesterday I began my conquest to conquer my hoarding! After giving 40bags and a black sack of mostly unworn clothes to Chernobyl Ireland and 2 sacks of absolute crap gone in the bin I am still not finished but it is mostly just organising and I have taken alot of tea breaks (i.e checking fb,blogging and escaping the house all day just to get away from the mess).

But during all this cleaning I have come across makeup I had taught was lost forever, brushes I taught had disappeared off the face of the earth as well as clothes I do not even remember buying! The best thing I had to have found was my Benefit Celebutante box, this Christmas just past it was the Tattle Tell All box. I had taught I had left this in England where I used to live and only had the benetint,highbeam and lip gloss from it. So I was delighted when I found it and realised I had never used the Dallas bronzer in it! Anyone who uses Benefits blushers and bronzer boxes will know they last forever this palette has a quarter of what's in a Dallas box so I should get some good use out of it and saves me 33.50 for a little bit longer. It also had their leggy and dandy brandy eye shadows in it as well as their lipstick 'no competition' a deep red color. So with a little spray of Beauty So Clean Sanitizer Mist these will be disinfected and ready to use again. Happy days!

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