Thursday 19 January 2012

MUA Cosmetics Blushers

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L-R Shade 4,2,6
So back to MUA Cosmetics I got 3 of their blushers which again were only €1.25 each. I got shade 2,4,6, at first look their pretty small about the size of a small single eyeshadow. They contain only 2.5g of product which is pretty small as most of my other blushers are 10g-12g but their only €1.25 buy four of these and you have 10g of blushers and only for €5! At the moment they only have 5 colors but this brand are still growing and are constantly adding new products and colors.

L-R Shade 2,4,6
So what are they like, well in my opinion they're worth €1.25. Yes they're highly pigmented but unfortunately they are extremely hard to blend you need to be so careful applying them. You need to use as little product as possible because once you put it on your cheek it's literally stuck to the spot you placed it on! Blending is soo difficult and after a few minutes of blending I give up and apply foundation over it! This kind of helps takes down the color if you applied too much and helps a bit with blending.

Unfortunately I will not be repurchasing these , and only giving them 1/5 that's because of the price! These are not in the giveaway!


  1. I've awarded you an award ":) its not posted yet, but when you see my new post, read it bc you've won it :) will be posted soon!

  2. I've heard a lot of good things about this brand, but I dont quite know where to purchase it. thanks for showing pics, it really helps! You have a great blog so far, I am now a new follower and cant wait for more posts from you!

    1. Hi Glitz you can purchase it at if you can not get it in a store near you. Thanks for the compliments your now entered in my giveaway to win a makeup and beauty goodie bag ! If you check the giveaway post you can check out the other ways to gain entry's as well!


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