Thursday 5 January 2012

As you already know I did not go mad in the sales, I usually do not I just hate the whole searching rails for clothes and the whole mess shops get into. This is why I love Internet shopping, no rails, no screaming children and no getting over heated in over crowded shops. So the first sale I checked out on Stephens day was, a Northern Ireland Company who were all over the TV before Christmas. I did not need anything I was really just having a gawp and seeing if I could pick up a bargain.

Before I get on to what I bought I just want to say have excellent customer service. I was doing the order around 9 o clock at night and encountered a problem when I tried to add the shoes to my cart some funny message about value was coming up. I decided to write on boohoo Facebook page and got an instant reply to say they will pass it on and would be dealt with in the morning. Happy that I got the reply but I was a bit worried they might be gone by the morning. Well twenty minutes later they replied again and it had been fixed and I could now place my order. How good was that! They also had a Christmas delivery notice telling you if you order on this day then your order will be delivered on this day. They said my order would arrive on the third of January and it arrived on the third! So I really must commend them on their excellent customer service.

In the end I ordered this multicoloured skater dress and a pair of yellow platform stilettos further down.

 Skater dresses are everywhere at the moment available in every colour, I always taught they were nice but were too long for me. I am extremely short and long dresses make me seem shorter. So when I saw this dress and saw the reviews that people said it was really short I knew it would be perfect length for me. I admit it's not my colours at all ,I had to force myself to buy it but I need to stir clear of black clothes. I do need them for work but the fact is I live in black and I only inject colours in shoes and accessories so I decided I needed buy a colourful dress. When it arrived I was a little unsure but my sister instantly told me it looked great and it was only because I just do not wear much colour. I have yet to wear it out but I am waiting for the right occasion. Oh yea it was only €14 bargain!

The truth is I am a complete shoeaholic I have over 70 pairs and it's forever growing. Some are over loved like my black and white office shoes and some are unworn the right occasion has not come up yet and I have some that I can not even walk in but I just have to have them. I can not go shopping without buying shoes even if it's just flats. So when I saw these and saw the price I fell in love!

At €8 how could you go wrong, yellow may not be for everyone but I love shoes in every colour. Pair these with a black blazer and black skinnies instantly changes the whole outfit and adds some attitude! Some of you may ask what's the hole at the top of the top for ? Really I have no idea their kind of peep toe but not ,maybe it's for ventilation ? The hole does not put me off them at all their still beautiful to me and give me the height to get over the 5ft mark so happy days.

There is still time to shop in their sale as there is 4 days left so see if you can grab a bargain like I did!

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