Friday, 20 January 2012

Steal of the week!

Quick post today! I was bored last night so I decided to accompany my parents on their weekly shopping trip and boy am I glad I did! I picked up these baby's!

After 2 hours of strolling around 2 supermarkets , yes not 1! But 2! I was so bored when we finally got to the checkout knowing that I could not help in the unloading of the trolley (my arms are to short!) I wandered into the shoe department. Nothing to my liking I popped into the kids shoe department and these were on sale for €10!! Now I know your thinking yeh good for you what about people who do not have kids size feet in their 20's. Well good news these go up to a size 5! You know it pays sometimes to check out the kids section and if your embarrassed just pretend your shopping for your niece/sister. Oh ya I got these in the good ould Dunnes Stores!

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