Monday 16 January 2012

MUA Cosmetics Cheap! But Are They Cheerful?

I have had my eye on this brand since they came on the market. I was always kind of weary weather it was any good or was it just cheap tat aimed at young girls who could not afford to spend loads on higher end stuff. It was not until I started to follow their head makeup artist Karla Powell(check her out!) on Facebook and saw her create so many looks with products that retail at €1.25 that I started to consider maybe they have something to offer. I also saw a friend wearing a really nice red lipstick on a night out , she then proclaimed to tell me it cost her a euro and it was from MUA. I knew then I had to try it.

Before Christmas I went into Superdrug in Wexford with an aim to buying their 24 piece eyeshadow palettes that retail at €8, they did not have any in fact they had none of the big palettes something MUA needs to sort out. Discouraged I left with out buying anything, I decided to give them another go this week and picked up 3 lipsticks, 3 blushers and 2 powders which came to exactly €10. For a brand that is still growing they have a good selection of colors and products so I had a bit of a struggle picking colors but I got there in the end.

So here's the 3 lipsticks I got, I will do a post on the other products in the next few days just did not want this post to be too long.

Shade 7, Shade 2 and Shade 13
I got a pink, purple and red. Admittedly I did not want a pink as I have loads but they did not have an orange toned lipstick in the choice so I went with a pink. Firstly you notice you get as much product in these as you would in a €20 lipstick, they are also highly pigmented which I was very surprised by.

Shade 7, Shade 2 and Shade 13
I swatched them when I got home and then totally forgot to wipe it off 6 hours later getting ready for bed the swatches were still visible total shocker !! I have been wearing shade 2 for two hours now and it's still there. They go pretty matte on the lips but are not drying so defiantly another plus.

Shade 13 it is a red but very sheer and a bit too pink for my liking but its nice if you are just starting off wearing red lipsticks!
Shade 7, the pink I did not want but I actually really like how nude i it and gives your lips a nice wash of color
Shade 2, my favorite shade of all 3 its a purple berry tone, my fotd picture below does it much more justice but its a must have for the makeup bag in my opinion!
 So if your still a bit weary of buying MUA lipsticks do not be. For €1.25 these lipstick get a 5/5 from me!
If you do not have Superdrug near you can order online

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  1. I;'d love to try these! but where i live, they are no where to be found!

    1. Hi jessa yeh the brand is not in stores world wide yet but they do do international delivery on their website for£7.50 so you should check it out the link is above fotd pictures


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