Wednesday 25 January 2012

December Glossybox!

Yes I am really late on this post but I only received my box yesterday! I only signed up for Glossybox on fifth of January and then my first box got lost in the stupid Irish postal system. Me and An Post have never been the bestest friends! But Glossybox have excellent customer service and got back to me straight away when I emailed last week and sent me a new box the very next morning.

So what is Glossybox?( I know you probably all know but let pretend you do not). It's a monthly subscription where you pay around €16 and some cent when converted from £15 and in return they send you 5 high end beauty products suited to your needs. Some are full size and some are trial sizes. When you sign up you fill out a questioner on skin type, hair color, etc ... So your box can be filled with products to suit you. Every box contains a mix of skin products, makeup, nail products and hair products.

The box comes beautifully packaged in a grey and pink dotted box. The inside presentation box is usually pink but due to Christmas is red this month. The products are wrapped in a white sheet of paper and tied with a black ribbon and glossy box sticker. The products sit on little bits of crinkly paper also. The box is so beautifully presented which makes you want Glossybox even more.

So what was in my box

NIP + FAB Spot Fix

RITUALS Foaming Shower Gel

BLINK + GO Eyeshadow and Blush Palette


DEBORAH LIPPMANN Razzle Dazzle Mini Nail with Stripped to Go Sachet

If I had of received this box last week I would have been kind of annoyed at the Nip + Fab spot fix because I rarely get spots and I would had rarely no use for it. But this spot popped up on my eyebrow yesterday and has been killing me every time I talk ( yeh I am a bit of expressionist when I talk. So I popped the gel on and within an hour pain and redness vanished! Been popping it on every few hours now and spot nearly gone delighted.

The Shower Foam is actually really nice, it comes out as a gel and quickly turns into a foam. Its like a shaving foam but when you add water it gets all suddy. The smell of eucalyptus overpowers the smell of rosemary but its actually not bad, I think this would be great if you had a cold would clear you right up.

I really was not expecting much from Blink + Go eyeshadow and blush palette as I have not heard much about the brand. But their actually really pigmented. I really like the rusts and bronze colors in the palette not a big fan of the blues but that just because I do not like the color blue but they are beautiful when you swatch them I might give them try. The blushes are really pigmented and you need to be careful when you apply them not to pack your brush as they are not so easy to blend once their on your face. So little goes a long way!

Lipgloss on top and two blush shades on bottom

I am in love with the Cargo Lip Gloss, my pet peeve is sticky lipglosses even though I love Soap and Glory's Mother Plucker I can not stand the stickiness. So when I read the card and this claimed to be non sticky I was yeh rite! But it's actually not sticky at all, and it's longevity is pretty good for a lipgloss aswell. I got the Paris shade, which is pretty sheer with just a hint of color.

As you all know I not much for nail varnishes, reason being I am the worst at putting them on! I rarely ever buy them due to this fact, I always get slightly jealous of when I see other bloggers notd posts, they all look so nice. I was especially jealous of all the glitter polish nails over xmas, so when this Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle pink glitter polish arrived this morning I got pretty excited, it was my first glitter polish and it's so pretty aswell. With just two coats you get a perfect even base if you apply it really carefully ( as my thumb has a few humps and bumps because I applied it too quick with excitement.) It's actually the first polish I have not started to pick off after a full day of wearing ( that's another reason why I do not wear polish!) I actually gave it a little test also I applied a normal top coat from boots on the left fingers and elf clear matte polish on the right fingers. I wanted to see which one I preferred but I actually can not choose they both have their pros and cons. The clear top coat gives them a lovely shiny and the glitters sparkle so well but when you feel them their all bity which is not so nice. The elf matte polish makes them so smooth to touch but it dulls the glitter a bit. I want the sparkle but I also want the smoothness. Ah you can never win! The nail varnish is still divine though and my mam has already booked it for her nails on Saturday night!

Normal top coat
ELF Matte top coat

You also get to review products to earn glossydots which once you get a thousand glossydots you get a free Glossybox.

If you want to subscribe leave your email below or tweet me here and I will send you an invitation as I will earn 200 glossydots and if you invite your friends you will get 200 glossydots. Refer 5 friends you get a free box!


Foundation: Lancome teint 24hr in 005
Concealer: 24hr Maybelline in
Powder: Rimmel Clear Complexion transparent
Blush: The lightest pink blush in the Blink + Go palette
Contour: MUA powder in shade 4
Brows: Inglot 571 brow gel set with brown from a Victoria Jackson palette.
Highlight: White from Blink + Go palette
Lid: Champagne from Catrice Help I'm Stranded palette
Crease: Light bronze rust from Blink + Go palette
Outer Crease: Dark brown rust from Blink + Go palette
Eyeliner: Inglot 77 gel liner
Mascara: Maybelline falsies
Lips: Cargo lipgloss in Paris

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