Friday 27 January 2012

Save Water, Save Money!Soap and Glory's 2 Minute Rinse!

Recently the electricity bill arrived at the house and with 6 of us now living in the house it had risen significantly. And Mammy was not very impressed! I always try and turn off all the lights when I leave the room, plug chargers out when they finished charging, turn off everything before I go to bed you know the norm. But in honesty I am a devilment for the electric shower I will turn it on before I even am ready to get in, avoid the water half the time I am in there when washing my hair. I would spend nearly up to an half an hour if I was shampooing, deep conditioning, shaving, washing, exfoliating, the occasional song or dance! So I literally cancel out all my good deeds by having one shower and I have a shower every second day and if I am going out I would have two showers that day. That can be up 3hours a week of electricity and wasting water!

So scrolling through my news feed on Tuesday I came across a post by Soap and Glory on the 2minute rinse. Read here .
I was like if they can do it so can I and save the household a few bob as well. So Wednesday morning I with my Soap and Glory's Clean On Me shower gel and Face Soap and Clarity face scrub in hand I decided to tackle this challenge. At first I was a bit confused on how I could time it , ideas of someone standing at the door listening to the shower go on and off, bringing a stopwatch in to the shower I finally decided to count in my head was the best option I would start counting once the shower went on and stop when it went off and remind myself of the number and continue from that number when I turned the water back on. So with all that sorted I was ready to go...

Then the fear set in! The initial cold water that would fall when I turned on the shower freaked me out! I spent 10mins outside the shower going no I can not do this! I finally grew some manly things and got in the shower! My first rinse to get myself wet took 27secs due to the total freak out I had the water hit me. It was bloody icicle! After switching off the water I shampooed and exfoliated my face, I will admit it was a bit chilly but it's only for like a minute if your quick. After scrubbing enough I switched back on the shower and rinsed this brought me up to 58secs. The water is not as cold when u stick it on the second time. I deep conditioned with Aussie 3min miracle and washed with Soap and Glory's Clean On Me shower gel. As I had to leave the conditioner on for 3 mins I took my time washing and then combed through my hair. I taught it would have got really cold waiting for the conditioner to work but it wasn't have bad I was still pretty warm from the other rinses. After my final rinse I had to say I was pretty cuffed with myself I had finished in 92secs or 1min 32 secs. A major difference from my leisurely half hour showers. It's completely changed my morning shower routine and hopefully change the electricity bill, I might just have to change the rest of the household first before there's a significant change. So what do you think of the 2min rinse think you could do it?

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