Tuesday 10 January 2012

Elf Haul!

So back to makeup, I've had these products over a week now but been caught up in other stuff i.e my hair! I have not blogged about it. If you do not know who E.L.F is well it's an online makeup seller(in the states they do sell in stores) it's literally bargain makeup with prices just starting at €1. With a price tag like this your probably already thinking pure crap, but it's not. Yes I will admit it's very hit and miss but they have products I could not live without! They usually have some sort of sale on every week and every so often do a 50% sale off everything. Just after Christmas they had 50% off Christmas stock so I went to see if there was anything I'd like.

First I grabbed the Matte Nail Polish Top Coat , it instantly turns shiny nail varnish matte with one coat. I will admit feeling my nails after I put this on freaks me out but I love how they look. I got 2 as they were only a €1.

without matte polish
with matte polish

I also got 2 of the Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils not expecting a lot from these I was pleasantly surprised how soft they were. Now there's actually no shimmer in them and if there is it's so minute that you can barely see it. There pretty pigmented as well so I pretty happy with these and I used the purple one in my tutorial yesterday so have a look here!

Swatch of porcelain

My sister wanted a cheap enough foundation so I picked her up the Studio Line Flawless foundation. She has combination skin thats mostly oily so this oil free formula would be perfect. Now in saying that the ingredients have oil in it but most oil free foundation do. It has an SPF 15 in it which is great because she will mostly wear it during the day. This is a full coverage foundation and I found applying it to her is best done with a stippling brush or if you only have a flat foundation brush use a small amount it and spread it all over the face. The shade I got was porcelain which was perfect for her. These were more expensive at €7.50 each I picked up one for my kit also do not know weather I'll use it though I might just give it to my sister when she finishes the her one.
Swatch ivory on left, apricot beige on right

Lastly I got these cover sticks, this was kind of spontaneous buy I wasn't really expecting alot from them but for €1.70 they weren't really gonna be that much of a disappointment if they did not work. I got three one in ivory, apricot beige and this dark skinned one but I have misplaced it! Their ok, they smell like apricots actually which is nice but they do need to be applied with fingers as they need alot of warming up. I do not think I'll be purchasing again but Wayne Goss put up a video last night on how to turn concealers into correctors so I might do that with them.

So that's my haul including p&p I think it came to around 28 euro so was not to bad.


  1. I love ELF, they're very cheap. I went to the 50% off thing you were talking about in the post. I haven't seen those cover sticks before... I want one now. Where did you get yours?

  2. I got them on eyeslipsface.com


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