Wednesday 4 January 2012

A New Way To Do Nails!!

Well I think it's new and I only found out about it this week so it is new to me. Introducing Water Marbling!

I love nail varnish but believe me I am the worst person at painting nails, actually no my friend and fellow MUA Amy is so I am the second worst. We just were not blessed wit stay within the lines ability and usually spend more time cleaning around our nails then painting them. So I was thrilled when I saw this post on another blogsite.

 After watching this video I was mesmerised  and knew I had to try it for myself. And in my opinion I did not do half bad for my first attempt. I did not achieve the perfect swirl most of them did not achieve the swirl at all but practice makes perfect and I am happy with them. I followed the video but there was some thing she did not mention to do so here's how I achieved these nails:

1. Paint nails white all over I just used the white from my Boots french manicure set.
2. Wrap all fingers in tape as shown in video you will not be able to do it after you do each nail it will just get too messy.
3. Only use an old glass or your mam will kill you ha ha!
4. Use warm water if it's too cold it will not work.
5. When your nails are dry or nearly dry that's when you can begin.
6. Always drop the darker color in first( I used Avon's Nailwear Pro in Midnight Plum) for some reason white does not spread well unless there's another color in the glass.
7. Once all your circles are done make your swirl and place your nail in flat on top of the water and the submerge it in hold there for 1 min and and then remove nail varnish circle from around the finger.
8. Take out of the water it may or may not b dry so do not touch for a few minutes.
9. You can use the same water for every nail!
10. Once all nails are dry then use a top coat, I used E.L.F matte polish to give them a matte look.

So there you go, really it's not that hard and I only watched the video once to know how to achieve the look, so anyone can do it!
Straight after
The morning after  with top coat

Not swirly at all but I still like them
One of my favorite nails

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  1. Oooo this turned out lovely. It really suits, especially for your first go. I seen people on Youtube do it , but i never tried.


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