Tuesday 24 January 2012

Makeup Haul!

I had not been up to Dublin since I left on Christmas Eve. So a shopping trip was much needed! As I was doing a photo shoot on Sunday evening I decided to head up early and meet up with my one and only Noelle! We decided to brace Dundrum with our presence as neither of us were in the mood to be trekking across town.

We headed straight to Inglot because I had €75 worth of vouchers to be spending. I had decided to give myself the limit of €100 and then the extra €25 for Noelle's birthday present. I actually spent €153 but with my pro discount I got it for €124 so I stayed right on budget. So as you know of yesterday's post I got a 10 square of eyeshadows which I am in awe of. My eye makeup never even moved yesterday! A whole 12 hours and not even a primer on my lids amazeballs! If you want to see the colors and all click here! I also got two gel eyeliners in matte black number 77 and White in 76. These are only €14 each.

I got three brow gels for €15 , in shades 571, 572, 573. You can get this palette made up with one brow gel one concealer and one eyeshadow or which every combination you want , been able to mix your palettes makes Inglot one of the best brands out there.

I got two blushes that didn't come in a palette but I think when I go up in two weeks I'll get another two and the four blush palette. I got shade 52 and 34 which I absolutely love there so nice on the skin and so blendable and at €9 each is great.

I also got the purple lipstick in shade 282. This was just released last week as part as their new bronze collection. So creamy and really pigmented, I will be using this on a shoot on Thursday so I will post pics on how it looked.

I also had a €50 Brown Thomas voucher so I picked up my favourite highlight pigment in vanilla. I can not rave about this pigment enough it's just beautiful!!

Inglot lipstick 282, Inglot blush  52 and 34, M.A.C Vanilla pigment
I had a voucher for €3 off L'oreal True Match foundation so I headed to Boots to pick one up. They were on offer for 2 for €21 so I got two for €18. So really I just paid €3 for the second bottle as they are €15 normally. Bargain!! These are labeled like M.A.C foundations with C labels for yellow tones and W for pink tones.I got W1 in Golden Ivory and C7 Amber Rose
C7, W1

I picked up the studio secrets primer which I have blogged about before here.

I also got two collection 2000 concealers in 2 and 3 I have heard great things about these concealers in many blogs so I taught I would give them a go. And they were free because I paid for them with my points. They retail at €6.39 but are on the offer for 5.64.

I also got a number 7 voucher because I did all this in separate transactions.I think the sales assistant wanted to murder me and Noelle we did 5 transactions in total! I picked up the NO.7 eyeliner brush, which I will use as a lip brush because it does nothing for eyeliner but it's a great lip brush.

All and all this haul came to €248.75 but with all my discounts and vouchers I got it for €86.99!


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