Monday 9 January 2012

A Little Hiccup!

One of the main things about been a blogger is honesty. And when things go wrong we admit it. I promised to take you on this hair journey with me and after having a hiccup I backed out of it yesterday in hope I could fix it and not have to tell you about it. Even if I had of fixed it I probably would be still telling you about this because as mammy's would say honesty is the best policy!

After my first bleaching that had some slight miscommunication problems ,most of my roots came out perfect and my ends of my hair came out pretty ginger! Not a good look! I bleached again to get rid of some roots that was missed and to try lift this brassyness. Again roots all perfect now but I was still gingery as you can see.

Luckily enough my hair was still in amazing condition even after stripping and two bleachings. I was told by professionals that my purple toner that I was putting in my hair anyway would hopefully cancel out my brassy bits , something to do with the color wheel and them been opposite sides. So I tried this, my roots are exactly the silver purple ombre I was looking for (so the hunt is kind of over) but the brassy bits are now more of a strawberry blonde as you can see.

After a few hours of wallowing in my self pity, I came to the conclusion that it can be fixed and I will fix it. So in honor of my multicoloured hair I decided to do a tropical burst color tutorial for you today.

1. Apply foundation and concealer as normal and set with powder.

2. Apply a peachy blusher to cheeks, I used an eyeshadow but Benefit coralista will do.
3. Draw a cut crease using a purple eyeliner I used the purple shimmer eyeliner from elf. Using a similar color eyeshadow, blend the crease upwards to create the shape you want.
4. On the lid in the inner corner half apply a yellowish gold, I used one from my 120 palette.
5. On the outer half of the lid apply a strong orange, again from my 120 palette and blend with yellow in middle. The orange must follow the shape of the purple.
6. For a highlight I used Vanilla Ice from frontcover under the brow and blended with the purple.
7. Using a black gel liner create a flick and line the lower water line.
8. Apply mascara to upper and lower lashes. Fill in eyebrows with a dark brown or color that suits your hair.
9. For lips I just used a tiny bit of concealer and added gloss.


  1. I love the purple and orange together!


  2. Before bleaching the best thing to do is to use color b4 from L'Oreal. It takes all the hair dye from your hair, so when you bleach it it doesn't end up in 2 different colors! xx


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