Friday 6 January 2012

The Hunt for a Silver Purple Ombre!

I am a women on a mission, late last night when I have nothing better to do but think I decided I was bored with my hair. When I was in school I had this feeling nearly every two weeks and changed my hair to every color imaginable. Even green, which happen by accident. I have been very good last few years and over last 4 years I have only gone from brown to purplish. So I decided I was allowed give into my cravings for change.

The first thing that came to mind was a Viva Adonis post where one of their friends died their tips of their hair purple, though it suited her I have a bob cut and knew I would just ridiculous if I did it to mine. But she mentioned a purple ombre so I went in search of what an ombre was. I fell in love instantly with a silver purple ombre and that was it I had to have it.

At the moment I'm dark brown with a purple tone off it I use XXLLive in Cyber. So getting this to literally white hair would be a challenge and a bloody expensive one in the hairdressers. I am pretty good with hair and so is my mam I also have a few family members who are hairdressers if I need some help. I also did a lot of research online and watched countless hours of YouTube videos on girls who did this as well. So today I popped into Sally Salon Services in Wexford and picked up everything I need for this mission.

I got Efassor a hair colorant remover/stripper, 30 vol Creme Peroxide , Blue Bleach Powder , Purple Haze Paintbox and Blue Frosting Silver Shampoo. I got the Aussie 3minute miracle deep treatment in Sam McCauley Chemist. As after and during the mission my hair will need some TLC! All these came to just under 40 euro but bear in mind I did get trade discount in Sallys.

I am hoping this will take about 4 days to complete and I will be taking you on this journey also. Everyday I will be posting a look of the day to match my hair and details on what I did.

So how to achieve this look
1. I applied foundation and concealer as normal. ( Revlon Color Stay in Ivory and Maybelline 24hr concealer)
2. Set with Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder in Transparent.
3. Filled in brows with dark brown Eye shadow.
4. Contoured using Inglot AMC Powder in 17
5. I patted Vanilla Ice from Front Cover all over lid up to crease.
6. Using a soft lilac eyeshadow from my 120 palette from Ebay, using a pencil brush I applied this to the crease and blended.
7. Using the soft lilac I created the winged out eye shadow with the pencil brush.
8. Using a dark purple( cadbury purple) I applied this over the lilac and blended.
9. Using the pencil brush again I applied the purple under my lower lash line 3/4 of the way in .
10. Apply mascara to upper or lower lashes.
11. Mix the cadbury purple eyeshadow with clear gloss and apply to lips.

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  1. I love that color for hair. My hair was that color for years, but i had to dye mine brown recently because my hair personally ended up real damaged. Regardless of treatments and using no heat on it , but that's just mine. I can't wait to see how yours turns out from brown to this color , so i'll know for future reference. I love the look you've created also.! :)


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