Wednesday 29 February 2012

Sleek Pout Paint in Pin Up

157 Pin Up
The excitement when this was delivered this morning! These pout paints have been out a while now and there has been numerous posts on them, the only thing I never saw a post on was how long they lasted(if there has been one I have missed it). So I taught I would do one today for you all.

Applied this at 1.30pm, when applying you need to use a lip brush and literally the tiniest  dot is enough to do your whole lip. Be warned it's a bold true red , and it's in your face! If you do decide to wear this during the day keep eye makeup to a minimal like I did here.

This is me at 5.30pm, I've been out shopping and just had a cup of coffee. While I was out I kept checking on them one thing I did notice was after 2hours the glossiness wears off and they become matte. Note though that they do not dry at all so you will get transfer.

7.30pm just had dinner and a glass of water and I kissed my niece twice. I then had to get a wipe to get the red off her she was not impressed to say the least!

All in all I am really impressed, not only are they highly pigmented but they have good staying power as well.  The range has 12 different colors which include a white and a blue which can be worn on their own or used as a mixing agent to make new shades how fab is that! I got mine from Beauty Emporium for  €5.70.
Its is defiantly great for a night out, stick to a straw with your drink and avoid kissing any boys and there is no need for constant trips to the toilet for lipgloss top ups!

I also picked up a Sleek Blush in Rose Gold, I will not be doing a blog post on this because it has been blogged about zillions upon trillions of times. It is a dupe for Nars  Orgasm and a 1/3 of the price. Check out EmeraldEyeliner's post on it here! 
Rose Gold
This is literally how much you will need of the pout paint! Rose Gold beside it!

Pin Up and Rose Gold

Sleek Makeup is available to order from with €2 postage to Ireland and €3 to UK

Tuesday 28 February 2012

Febuary Glossybox

Glossybox arrived this morning and let's just say I am not impressed! Firstly Glossyboxs were sent out on Friday 17th of February and are only arriving today the 28th of February  in Ireland. 11days! Technically yes it's only 7 working days but Royal Mail work on Saturdays so actually 8 working days. All last week the beauty bloggers had countless posts up on what's in the the Glossybox and also Glossybox themselves posting pictures and blogs up of what's in it! Totally ruins the surprise for all us Irish folk! In my opinion Irish Glossyboxs should be sent 2/3 days before English ones and then we would all get them at the same time!

Onto the box, they have gone back to the original packaging which is pink and brown. So what did I get

• Duwop Venom Gloss in Buttercup

• Dr.Bronner Magic Liquid Soap

• Paul Michell Round Trip

• BM Beauty Pure Mineral Eyeshadow In Noir

• Como Shambhala Invirgorate Body Lotion

Lipgloss it's ok bit sticky but it's a nice color.

The magic Liquid soap which is more like an oil, hold on did I just not get an oily moisturising soap in my last box that I have barely used, I suppose though this one is citrusy where the last one was nectary so their totally different! NOT! Also got a shower gel in the box before that too and got Fab body wash in the January box aswell as the oil. Glossy box must think were extremely dirty!

Paul Mictchell Round Trip, smells absolutely devine, there's one problem with it I DO NOT HAVE CURLS. Like seriously do they not read your beauty profile!

Also trying to read the instructions to see if I could actually use it in some way(there's not!) was a nightmare like it does not peel off properly and you end up pulling nearly the whole label off!

Mineral eyeshadow not much to say about it could be better pigmented in my opinion and they could have filled the pots better. They over filled mine and when I opened it, it went everywhere!

The body lotion is a body lotion nothing exciting about it!

All in all hate the box it only had one full size product which is only worth £1.99 the box just contains same stuff they had before just different brand.

I am still waiting on the wow box I know there will be one they have had them before with the Illamasque Freak box, HD Brow box and the Nars box. Not all boxes are bad but this one takes the biscuit it's like they just took a break after the limited edition boxes and through just crap into this one. Come on Glossybox sort this stuff out!

Sunday 26 February 2012

Nu Essence Beauty

On my recent trip to Dublin I had the pleasure of trying out Au Courant Tan at Nu Essence Beauty on South Anne Street just off Grafton Street. They had put out a request on twitter a few weeks beforehand looking for a willing candidate and I jumped at the chance. I have been embracing my paleness for the last year but I still love a bronzed body for Saturday night.

On arriving I met the wonderful MrsNuEssence Margaret Kelly who let me know about Au Courant Tan, and how it was suited to pale Irish girls like myself and that I would not turn out orange like I had in the past.

Here is a little bit on what Nu Essence has to say about Au Courant Tan:
Au Courant Tan, is the world's first sunless tanning product. It creates the most natural looking tan, giving your skin a healty bronzed glow. For all your special occassions Au Courant tan will give you a flawless tan that fades beautifully and gradually, with no nasty residue. Tan yourself the safe and convient way with an Au Courant spray tan from Nu Essence.Best suited to a paler skinned person or anyone that may be nervous about being too dark.
Nu Essence did they're own blog post on how I got on with my tan and pictures you can check out their blog here Nu Essence Blog.

I would like to add this is the first tan that I have had no lingering smells of nasty tan afterwards even during tanning it smelt like bananas. As with every tan you need to look after it with moisturising, 10 days on I am still not back to my natural coloring and its fading evenly.I have in the past had tans where it faded in patches and lots of exfoliation is needed but not with Au Courant.

Nu Essence is a beautiful salon and in a great location, they not only offer tanning but also treatments in nails, waxing, massage etc. They have wonderful staff who are very helpful, I was tanned by Joan who was lovely. You can check out their website for all their treatments or call in if your in Dublin City.

Phone: 01 6716443

Friday 24 February 2012

Avons dupe for Benefits They´re Real

As well as the nail polish, Avon's new Mascara arrived also. Introducing SuperExtend Extreme Mascara.

 Avon says it lengthens lashes up to 87% and does not flake clump or smudge micro precision brush captures even tiniest of lashes. First thing I noticed was the brush! Nearly identical to Benefits They´re Real mascara, the only difference is Avon´s brush is slightly squarer.

Picture sourced from

As you know I worked for Benefit over Christmas, They´re would always sell out in a matter of hours anytime we got in a delivery. Women everywhere were crazy for the hype, and yes it is a nice mascara it did nothing spectacular for me.(I must be the only person in the world!) My mother blessed me with long lashes ( I am forever grateful), so with They´re Real in did not give me any more length. I will say it did work wonders on ladies with short lashes but I have seen regular cheaper mascaras do that also! One thing I did like though is its precision brush on the top it was great for getting in the inside corners and coating the bottom lashes easily.
Avons Brush

But look this brush has it also and its great for getting in them inner corners! I am pretty impressed with the mascara it coats the lashes nicely and gives them a nice curl its not clumpy or gloopy in any way. There is been no flaking or smudging so far.

No Flash
With Flash

As for the packaging its pretty basic which I like, just a solid yellow color and black writing. It would certainly be easy to find in your handbag!

SuperExtend Extreme Mascara will be launched in Brochure 7 at an introductory  price of €6.50 and will normally  be €13 thereafter. Benefits They´re Real is €24.50. 

You can order Avon from your local Representative , if you do not have one you can request one here!

Thursday 23 February 2012


As I have stated before I am pretty bad at nails but I do like having painted nails. So spurred on by recent posts from Cherry Sue doin´ the do and Lovely Girlie Bits I am going to continue to practice and hopefully get better!

My new Avon Nailwear Pro in Blue Escape arrived in this morning and I had to try it out straight away. I teamed it with Avon Nailwear Pro in Apricot Mystery from the Smoke and Mirror collection.
Practice Practice!!

Apricot Mystery is available now in brochure 5 at a discount price of €4
Blue Escape is available from next week in brochure 6 at a discount price of €4.
(Both are normally €8)

Tuesday 21 February 2012

Master Pro Lash Comb

As you know I won a $250 voucher for Royal and Langnickel brushes before Christmas. I posted a picture of them here. I got around 50 brushes and I still have not used all of them. I have used quite a few and I have to say I am really impressed with their quality! I mostly picked brushes from their SILK range as I had heard these were best for pro artists and really luxurious, the reviews were not wrong!

I did however pick up this lash comb from their Master Pro range. Wayne Goss or as known gossmakeupartist on YouTube had done a video using a metal comb like this. He claimed it would give beautiful separated lashes that were not clumpy or weighed down and held a great curl. I was instantly curious so when my brushes arrived this was the first one I used.

Boy, he was not wrong! In my opinion my lashes are more fanned out, there's no sign of clumping or spider lashes and each lash is coated nicely. I used Maybelline Falsies mascara in both pictures.
Mascara applied normally with mascara brush
Mascara applied with Master Pro Lash Comb

Mascara applied with Master Pro Lash Comb

Now I will say if your all a bit squirmy with things touching your eyes or you apply your mascara in a hurry this technique is not for you! This comb is metal and you are coating your lashes from the root up so you feel metal on your skin. Your also working close to your eye so doing this technique quickly can seriously lead to some major accidents!

But if you have the patience and really want beautiful lashes I would suggest investing in one of these comb. They are available on the Royal and Langnickel website for £5.99. Or if your heading to the Irish Beauty Show in March there will be a Royal and Langnickel stand there.

Monday 20 February 2012

Mini mini haul

This really is a miniature haul it consists of two products. I was in Dublin during the week doing a photoshoot. I decided to stay over night and hit Grafton street with my mother in tow on Thursday. My main objectives was 2 go to MAC and spend the rest of my Christmas vouchers and collect my stuff I already bought in Inglot. Also see if I could get any good deals in the makeup shop in Georges Street Arcade that Leanne from Thunder+Threads recently mentioned. Well everything went pear shaped!

On the way up I realised I had forgot my Brown Thomas voucher :( and then when I got to Dundrum I could not for the life of me find my receipt to pick my stuff up! ( When I got back to Wexford the receipt had magically reappeared in my purse! >:(  )

I still went to MAC and picked up Face and Body in C1 for my kit, I absolutely love this foundation, and  here are the reasons why

  • It's buildable coverage

  • Comes in a range of shades and in yellow and pink tones

  • You get 120ml for €36.50( most foundations are 30ml)

I just love it and selfishly I bought it in my shade!

I did go to that makeup shop in Georges Street arcade, I think it's called Cosmetique (correct me if I am wrong). I went for Revlon Colorstay which are only €9.99 in there instead of €17.50 like Boots. They only had the dark shades tho so I did not pick up any as I wanted to try the dry skin one in Ivory as the oily skin one is not sitting right on my skin.

I did however get some Directions hair color in Purple from a shop straight across from Cosmetique. I been wanting this since I started dying my hair purple but it's not easily available in Ireland and would have to order it online so I opted for purple dyes that were more readily available. So when I saw these I got pretty excited :) their only €8 and a little goes along with these.

Sunday 19 February 2012

New blog layout

Some of you may have noticed my blog changing over the past month or so. The makeover still is not complete but it's nearly there.

So the changes:
When I first started my blog it was pink and glittery, it so was not working and did not represent me as a person. So I changed it to the grey and cream layout, these are the colors I use on my business cards and posters for my business so they all tie in together.

About Me:
I added a new about me tab up above which gives you more of an insight into my background of why I became a makeup artist and started my blog.

I also added a tab to my latest giveaway so it is easier to find.

My Portfolio:
There is also a tab labeled My Portfolio, this is my professional makeup portfolio , any time I complete another shoot I will be updating it. Feel free to comment on them!

Blogs Worth Reading:
My blogs worth reading tabs, is just an insight into the blogs I read, these are great blogs and are worth a look there is also a few more to be added but every time I go to write them I go blank! So annoying! This will constantly be updated because I am still discovering some great blogs especially from us Irish girls.

Contact Me:
My contact details are on the left side if you would like to contact me, I am also available for bookings so mail me for a price list!

As I said I am still updating my blog so any suggestions comment below!

Friday 17 February 2012

First Look At Avons New Ideal Flawless Concealer Sticks

Sorry for my absence I have been in Dublin the past two days with no Internet so blogging was impossible! When I  arrived home late last night my sister handed me my Avon order, which consisted of the 3 new concealer sticks from the Ideal Flawless range. I had been hearing rave reviews about the Ideal Flawless foundation on other beauty blogs that I was tempted to give it a go but I am trying to use up my other foundations before I tried a new one.
I took off the packaging on fair before I remembered I had to take a  picture.

 The concealer sticks come in 3 shades Fair,Medium an Dark. First impressions are good, they provide good coverage and blend easily.I have tan on at the mo but I do think once that washes off I will be shade fair, the other two I will pop into my kit for photo shoots and clients.
Without Flash. L-R Dark, Medium, Fair
With Flash. L-R Dark, Medium, Fair

The sticks are available to buy now in Brochure 5 for  €6.50 each normally they will be  € 9.00.

You can order Avon from your local Representative , if you do not have one you can request one here!

Tuesday 14 February 2012

The Prettiest Things

A few weeks ago scrolling though my news feed I came across a picture of a cute coffee cup necklace. Intrigued and totally in love with this little piece I went in search of where it came. The picture brought me to The Prettiest Things facebook page where I found the link to their website. I was instantly writing up a list of all the pieces of costume jewellery I wanted. They have everything from slices of cakes rings to gingerbread man earrings. Alot of their pieces have that vintage feel which I love, but they also have some cutsie thing like  Disney character earrings which appeal to the young and the young at heart. None of their pieces are over £5.00 apart from the hand stitched samplers and postage to Ireland is only £2.35. So here is the pieces I got:
They come wrapped in pink paper with a cute Hello Kitty sticker.
All pieces are carefully wrapped!

Firstly I got these fab Tattoo love heart earrings, the heart is velvet. I am in love with these they are pretty big but I love statement pieces.

The fab coffee cup that started this splurge off! I am a coffee addict  so this fits me to a T!
The last piece was this gorg vintage birdcage. It has a long chain  and a little bird perched inside.
You can kind of see the little birdie! The cage door also moves up and down!

 I am in love with all these pieces and can not wait to get some more especially their carousel necklaces and hot air balloon necklace! Check out The Prettiest Things on facebook, they host giveaways every Wednesday as well as keeping you up to date with new stock. They are also on twitter follow them here.

Online Shop:

Monday 13 February 2012

Giveaway Update!!

There is just over one month left to enter the giveaway!! A few more goodies have been popped into the bag and there is still more to be added!!

The bag now includes a basic eye set from Royal & Langnickel, matte top coat nail polish from E.L.F, 10 pairs of eyelashes, Bling nail stickers from Penneys/Primark and 120 eyeshadow palette.

Above are close ups of the two new products. 

Ways to enter:
You must be subscribed to the blog through google friend connect. Its on the right side of this page.

For extra entries
Add my makeup page on facebook as a friend!

Follow me on twitter here and tweet
@MeganRoseMUA is hosting a makeup and beauty giveaway on her blog checked it out
I must be tagged in the tweet and must include the link to the blog or entry will be void!

Each of these will give you one extra entry!

Comment below this post on how many entry's you have.

T&Cs are still the same and can be seen here.

*Disclaimer* All prizes have been purchased by me and no company has sponsored me so far to host this giveaway!

Saturday 11 February 2012

Rant Saturday

Two things to rant about today, I do not usually get annoyed with products or brands but this week just took the biscuit!

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner:
So I only received my Glossybox on Monday so on Tuesday I decided to give my Skinny Eyeliner a go. I applied it to my waterline and found it pretty sore applying it. So when I went to topic up that evening I decided to warm it up on my hand. The pencil just crumbled so I reached for the pairer! I literally turned it once which was so difficult to even turn and SNAP! The whole end broken off! Not Impressed!!

On Wednesday Art Deco the makeup brand posted on their Facebook page asking fans to write up Makeup Tips and if they got 10 or more friends to like their post in 24hrs then they got a free product. This was the only T&C's! So I posted up a tip on how to get the perfect red lip. Got nearly 20 family and friends to like my comment! Art Deco wrote under my comment when I had hit ten to forward my address to their email to claim my product. Two days passed and I had not received an email as confirmation. I commented again on their Facebook to see if they had received it and was told they had and my product was on the way. I woke up yesterday morning to find an email from Art Deco stating because I lived in Ireland I would not receive a product! Eh I was already told it was sent! Seriously am not impressed and they got an email back stating how I was not impressed either. They have failed to reply ''great customer service'' and can certainly say I will not be buying any Art Deco. You know it does not cost much to post to Ireland!

Rant over! Have a great weekend!

Friday 10 February 2012


First NOTD post, as I have stated in past posts I am terrible at nails but I am practicing more. Since I was so bad I never really purchased any nail varnish I think I have about 10 in my collection and some are in need of chucking in the bin. I have started to purchase more recently as I am really started to get into the whole having your nails painted completes your outfit kind of thing.

Above I am wearing Deborah Lippmann in Razzle Dazzle, I got this in my December Glossybox, to see what else I got have a look here! I am absolutely in love with this polish, this is actually my first glitter polish, I know it's terrible 21 years old and have never owned a glitter polish! I use the Revlon Base Coat and ELF Matte Top Coat on top as I do not like the texture of it with a normal top coat.

As far as I know you can purchase these from HOF website but they are pretty pricey at £ 16.00.

So what do you think of Razzle Dazzle? What nail polish are you wearing?

Thursday 9 February 2012

A Little Bit of Praise!

Today's blog is actually just to rave about a online store I recently made a purchase with. If you follow me on twitter (which if you do not you should here) you would have seen I picked up some Sleek eyedusts from Winter Sale for €2.50 each, they also had some items starting from €0.50 complete bargain! I ended up having a few hiccups with my order, had to happen to me of course! I was instantly on to customer service where the wonderful Stephanie went beyond what I have ever experienced from any customer service to help me. In the end I got much more then I ever expected and they now have a customer for life!

So who are Beauty Emporium, it's an online company based in South Wexford. They sell high end beauty products at discounted prices which is much needed in this crazy recession. Here's what they have to say on their website about themselves

'' is a 100% Irish company owned and run by certified beauty addicts. Fed up with the high exchange rates, shipping costs and customs charges associated with buying cosmetics online, we decided to set up our own online retail beauty emporium and called it!! (original eh?) We offer some of the biggest names in make-up and skincare from around the world at great low prices. is dedicated to offering brilliant beauty bargains.All products are guaranteed 100% authentic and while we carry most of our lines all of the time some of our great special buys are one time offers only - so if you see something you want snap it up! Our staff are experts in the area of customer service and with a superior knowledge of all things beauty we are ready to answer your questions via e-mail, twitter and facebook. Sign up to our newsletter Beauty Addicts to keep up to date with all our great beauty and skincare offers. accepts payment via Laser, Visa Debit, Visa, Mastercard and Paypal. We use SagePay as our payment gateway so you can be assured that all payments are secure - we don't keep your payment details on file either! is a verified Volusion sercure site and we have the re;evant SSL certification to prove it - so don't worry shopping online with us is safe and hassle free!''

They are Ireland's official stockist of Sleek Makeup and also carry brands such as Stila, NYX, OPI, MAC,Urban Decay,Essie and the list goes on. They only charge €2 delivery to Ireland and €3 to the U.K again complete bargain! I for one am sick of paying like €7-€10 just to get something shipped over here. They are constantly adding new products and brands and are in the process of developing a new website. Which Facebook fans got a sneaky peek of a couple of nights ago this is how it looked.

I can not have enough praise for and their amazing customer service. I also been badgering them for a while to get NYX jumbo milk pencil and they promise it will be on the new website so keep an eye out!

Here's all their links


Also here's two looks I created using the Sleek Eyedusts so check them out when your having a browse on the website here.

Sleek Eydusts in Breathless,Zing,Sunset and Inferno

Sleek Eyedusts in Fantasy, Livid Lilac and Drama

* All opinions are my own, I was not asked to write this blog by any third party!*
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