Monday 30 January 2012

Giveaway Update!

Ok I was supposed to be doing updates every week but I've been waiting for An Post to sort their act out(which they haven't) and deliver my stuff! My postman likes to be lazy on Monday's and does not come till after 1pm so I waste alot of time on just waiting. Arriving this morning he only had one of my orders and there was a problem with that so my rage at An Post has grown significantly in the last few hours! Rant Over!

So the giveaway so far the bag has 3 gifts in it which is due to grow significantly in the next few weeks. In the bag there is :

  1. Royal & Langnickel 5 piece basic eye set
  2. E.L.F Matte finish clear nail polish
  3. 10 Pairs of false eyelashes

If you have not entered already here is how to do so:
Main Entry:
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For extra entries
Add my makeup page on facebook as a friend!

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Each of these will give you one extra entry!

Comment below this post on how many entry's you have.

Competition runs until Midnight 16th of March so still loads of time to enter!

Sunday 29 January 2012

Decanting Lipsticks

So I was hoping this parcel was something for the Giveaway when it arrived but it was my empty palette I had ordered from ebay two weeks before. I promise I will do an update on the giveaway this week even if packages I am expecting do not arrive. My kit seems to be getting bigger by the minute and my kit bag is still the same size so I decided it was time to decant my lipsticks. I looked at a few places that sold palettes like z palettes and so on ,I was going to buy one but i decided to check out ebay first see what they had to offer, I found this empty palette with 28 metal pans for €3.23 and €4.85 p&p. I decided to give it a go sure if it was crap it would not be too much of a loss.

So how to decant your lipsicks, 
You will need:
  • Metal spoon
  • Candle
  • Lighter
  • Knife
  • Empty metal pans
  • Tissue paper
  • Lipsticks(duh)

Place a tissue paper on the table and light the candle. cut off enough lipstick to fill the pan. if your not sure just cut off a small amount and if its not enough you can just add more.

Place the cut lipstick on the spoon and hold t over the flame. Constantly swirl the spoon when the lipstick starts to melt. 

When the spoon gets really hot move the lipstick away from the flame but keep swirling the lipstick

If some lipstick is still not melting place over the flame again but make sure not to burn the lipstick.

Once the lipstick is completely melted pour into the metal pan quickly as it will start to dry, you may need to move the pan in circular motions to make sure the whole pan is filled. Make sure not to burn our fingers.


Continue to do this until all your lipsticks are done, I taught I had loads but I actually only have 12 I need to get more so there will be a lipstick haul soon. 

I decided to put my front cover I shadows in the palette with my lipsticks until I get more. They used to be in their original box but I was constantly dropping it as you an see from the broken parts of the eye shadows. These palettes are actually pretty good you will need more metal pans if you do take the plastic bit out but you can order them on ebay  as well. I will be ordering another 2 palettes for my other frontcover sets. 

Here is where you can buy the palettes:

Heres where you can buy empty metal pans:

Friday 27 January 2012

Save Water, Save Money!Soap and Glory's 2 Minute Rinse!

Recently the electricity bill arrived at the house and with 6 of us now living in the house it had risen significantly. And Mammy was not very impressed! I always try and turn off all the lights when I leave the room, plug chargers out when they finished charging, turn off everything before I go to bed you know the norm. But in honesty I am a devilment for the electric shower I will turn it on before I even am ready to get in, avoid the water half the time I am in there when washing my hair. I would spend nearly up to an half an hour if I was shampooing, deep conditioning, shaving, washing, exfoliating, the occasional song or dance! So I literally cancel out all my good deeds by having one shower and I have a shower every second day and if I am going out I would have two showers that day. That can be up 3hours a week of electricity and wasting water!

So scrolling through my news feed on Tuesday I came across a post by Soap and Glory on the 2minute rinse. Read here .
I was like if they can do it so can I and save the household a few bob as well. So Wednesday morning I with my Soap and Glory's Clean On Me shower gel and Face Soap and Clarity face scrub in hand I decided to tackle this challenge. At first I was a bit confused on how I could time it , ideas of someone standing at the door listening to the shower go on and off, bringing a stopwatch in to the shower I finally decided to count in my head was the best option I would start counting once the shower went on and stop when it went off and remind myself of the number and continue from that number when I turned the water back on. So with all that sorted I was ready to go...

Then the fear set in! The initial cold water that would fall when I turned on the shower freaked me out! I spent 10mins outside the shower going no I can not do this! I finally grew some manly things and got in the shower! My first rinse to get myself wet took 27secs due to the total freak out I had the water hit me. It was bloody icicle! After switching off the water I shampooed and exfoliated my face, I will admit it was a bit chilly but it's only for like a minute if your quick. After scrubbing enough I switched back on the shower and rinsed this brought me up to 58secs. The water is not as cold when u stick it on the second time. I deep conditioned with Aussie 3min miracle and washed with Soap and Glory's Clean On Me shower gel. As I had to leave the conditioner on for 3 mins I took my time washing and then combed through my hair. I taught it would have got really cold waiting for the conditioner to work but it wasn't have bad I was still pretty warm from the other rinses. After my final rinse I had to say I was pretty cuffed with myself I had finished in 92secs or 1min 32 secs. A major difference from my leisurely half hour showers. It's completely changed my morning shower routine and hopefully change the electricity bill, I might just have to change the rest of the household first before there's a significant change. So what do you think of the 2min rinse think you could do it?

Wednesday 25 January 2012

December Glossybox!

Yes I am really late on this post but I only received my box yesterday! I only signed up for Glossybox on fifth of January and then my first box got lost in the stupid Irish postal system. Me and An Post have never been the bestest friends! But Glossybox have excellent customer service and got back to me straight away when I emailed last week and sent me a new box the very next morning.

So what is Glossybox?( I know you probably all know but let pretend you do not). It's a monthly subscription where you pay around €16 and some cent when converted from £15 and in return they send you 5 high end beauty products suited to your needs. Some are full size and some are trial sizes. When you sign up you fill out a questioner on skin type, hair color, etc ... So your box can be filled with products to suit you. Every box contains a mix of skin products, makeup, nail products and hair products.

The box comes beautifully packaged in a grey and pink dotted box. The inside presentation box is usually pink but due to Christmas is red this month. The products are wrapped in a white sheet of paper and tied with a black ribbon and glossy box sticker. The products sit on little bits of crinkly paper also. The box is so beautifully presented which makes you want Glossybox even more.

So what was in my box

NIP + FAB Spot Fix

RITUALS Foaming Shower Gel

BLINK + GO Eyeshadow and Blush Palette


DEBORAH LIPPMANN Razzle Dazzle Mini Nail with Stripped to Go Sachet

If I had of received this box last week I would have been kind of annoyed at the Nip + Fab spot fix because I rarely get spots and I would had rarely no use for it. But this spot popped up on my eyebrow yesterday and has been killing me every time I talk ( yeh I am a bit of expressionist when I talk. So I popped the gel on and within an hour pain and redness vanished! Been popping it on every few hours now and spot nearly gone delighted.

The Shower Foam is actually really nice, it comes out as a gel and quickly turns into a foam. Its like a shaving foam but when you add water it gets all suddy. The smell of eucalyptus overpowers the smell of rosemary but its actually not bad, I think this would be great if you had a cold would clear you right up.

I really was not expecting much from Blink + Go eyeshadow and blush palette as I have not heard much about the brand. But their actually really pigmented. I really like the rusts and bronze colors in the palette not a big fan of the blues but that just because I do not like the color blue but they are beautiful when you swatch them I might give them try. The blushes are really pigmented and you need to be careful when you apply them not to pack your brush as they are not so easy to blend once their on your face. So little goes a long way!

Lipgloss on top and two blush shades on bottom

I am in love with the Cargo Lip Gloss, my pet peeve is sticky lipglosses even though I love Soap and Glory's Mother Plucker I can not stand the stickiness. So when I read the card and this claimed to be non sticky I was yeh rite! But it's actually not sticky at all, and it's longevity is pretty good for a lipgloss aswell. I got the Paris shade, which is pretty sheer with just a hint of color.

As you all know I not much for nail varnishes, reason being I am the worst at putting them on! I rarely ever buy them due to this fact, I always get slightly jealous of when I see other bloggers notd posts, they all look so nice. I was especially jealous of all the glitter polish nails over xmas, so when this Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle pink glitter polish arrived this morning I got pretty excited, it was my first glitter polish and it's so pretty aswell. With just two coats you get a perfect even base if you apply it really carefully ( as my thumb has a few humps and bumps because I applied it too quick with excitement.) It's actually the first polish I have not started to pick off after a full day of wearing ( that's another reason why I do not wear polish!) I actually gave it a little test also I applied a normal top coat from boots on the left fingers and elf clear matte polish on the right fingers. I wanted to see which one I preferred but I actually can not choose they both have their pros and cons. The clear top coat gives them a lovely shiny and the glitters sparkle so well but when you feel them their all bity which is not so nice. The elf matte polish makes them so smooth to touch but it dulls the glitter a bit. I want the sparkle but I also want the smoothness. Ah you can never win! The nail varnish is still divine though and my mam has already booked it for her nails on Saturday night!

Normal top coat
ELF Matte top coat

You also get to review products to earn glossydots which once you get a thousand glossydots you get a free Glossybox.

If you want to subscribe leave your email below or tweet me here and I will send you an invitation as I will earn 200 glossydots and if you invite your friends you will get 200 glossydots. Refer 5 friends you get a free box!


Foundation: Lancome teint 24hr in 005
Concealer: 24hr Maybelline in
Powder: Rimmel Clear Complexion transparent
Blush: The lightest pink blush in the Blink + Go palette
Contour: MUA powder in shade 4
Brows: Inglot 571 brow gel set with brown from a Victoria Jackson palette.
Highlight: White from Blink + Go palette
Lid: Champagne from Catrice Help I'm Stranded palette
Crease: Light bronze rust from Blink + Go palette
Outer Crease: Dark brown rust from Blink + Go palette
Eyeliner: Inglot 77 gel liner
Mascara: Maybelline falsies
Lips: Cargo lipgloss in Paris

Tuesday 24 January 2012

Makeup Haul!

I had not been up to Dublin since I left on Christmas Eve. So a shopping trip was much needed! As I was doing a photo shoot on Sunday evening I decided to head up early and meet up with my one and only Noelle! We decided to brace Dundrum with our presence as neither of us were in the mood to be trekking across town.

We headed straight to Inglot because I had €75 worth of vouchers to be spending. I had decided to give myself the limit of €100 and then the extra €25 for Noelle's birthday present. I actually spent €153 but with my pro discount I got it for €124 so I stayed right on budget. So as you know of yesterday's post I got a 10 square of eyeshadows which I am in awe of. My eye makeup never even moved yesterday! A whole 12 hours and not even a primer on my lids amazeballs! If you want to see the colors and all click here! I also got two gel eyeliners in matte black number 77 and White in 76. These are only €14 each.

I got three brow gels for €15 , in shades 571, 572, 573. You can get this palette made up with one brow gel one concealer and one eyeshadow or which every combination you want , been able to mix your palettes makes Inglot one of the best brands out there.

I got two blushes that didn't come in a palette but I think when I go up in two weeks I'll get another two and the four blush palette. I got shade 52 and 34 which I absolutely love there so nice on the skin and so blendable and at €9 each is great.

I also got the purple lipstick in shade 282. This was just released last week as part as their new bronze collection. So creamy and really pigmented, I will be using this on a shoot on Thursday so I will post pics on how it looked.

I also had a €50 Brown Thomas voucher so I picked up my favourite highlight pigment in vanilla. I can not rave about this pigment enough it's just beautiful!!

Inglot lipstick 282, Inglot blush  52 and 34, M.A.C Vanilla pigment
I had a voucher for €3 off L'oreal True Match foundation so I headed to Boots to pick one up. They were on offer for 2 for €21 so I got two for €18. So really I just paid €3 for the second bottle as they are €15 normally. Bargain!! These are labeled like M.A.C foundations with C labels for yellow tones and W for pink tones.I got W1 in Golden Ivory and C7 Amber Rose
C7, W1

I picked up the studio secrets primer which I have blogged about before here.

I also got two collection 2000 concealers in 2 and 3 I have heard great things about these concealers in many blogs so I taught I would give them a go. And they were free because I paid for them with my points. They retail at €6.39 but are on the offer for 5.64.

I also got a number 7 voucher because I did all this in separate transactions.I think the sales assistant wanted to murder me and Noelle we did 5 transactions in total! I picked up the NO.7 eyeliner brush, which I will use as a lip brush because it does nothing for eyeliner but it's a great lip brush.

All and all this haul came to €248.75 but with all my discounts and vouchers I got it for €86.99!

Monday 23 January 2012

If Heaven Was An Eyeshadow

It would be Inglots Eyeshadows! Since Inglot has hit Irish shores I have always really liked their products I have used a few their foundations and powders and eyeliners. So when it was time to write up my Christmas wish list Inglot vouchers were top of my list. Yesterday I went and did a pretty big makeup haul which I was going to blog about today but after using my new Inglot shadows on my photoshoot yesterday and on myself today I just have to rave about them first.

Inglots freedom system makes Inglot ten times better then any other counter. The fact that you can go in and pick all your colors by yourself or with help from one of the lovely Inglot girls is amazing! One of the items i picked up yesterday was the 10 square eyeshadow palette, it retails at €55 which is so reasonable I get pro discount so I got it for €44. You can also get it for €44 if your with meteor , they have a voucher for 20% off in the goodie bag deals, so if you are on meteor or you know someone who is it's a great voucher to print off!
Top row l-r: 348 matte, 433 pearl, 359 matte,378 matte
Bottom row l-r: 452 pearl,392 matte,15 shine,335 matte,318 matte

I got a mix of 7 mattes and 2 pearls and 1 shine. Theres no logic to why I picked these colors just they appealed to me. Yes there is one color missing which is a matte black that I have to go and pick up this week as they did not have it in stock yesterday.
l-r: 452 pearl,318 matte,359 matte,392 matte,378 matte,335 matte, 348 matte,15 shine, 433 pearl

 So they pros and cons of the palette


  1. You can pick your own colors out of 250 colors!
  2. They are extremly pigmented so a little goes a long way.
  3. They are super blendable!
  4. They are soft to touch none feel chalky at all.
  5. The palette is magnetic and holds the eyeshadows in place so theres no breakages!

  1. I do not have enough money to buy all of them!

Face Of The Day!
Yes I do have purple hair!

Primer: Loreal Studio Secrets
Foundation: Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24hr in 005 ( Blog post on this when I have used it a bit more first impressions are good though)
Concealer : Maybelline 24hr in 02
Powder: 57 AMC Presssed Powder Inglot
Blush: 52 AMC Blush Inglot
Contour: MUA Powder in Shade 4
Lipliner: 050 Tiramiso from Rimmel
Lipstick:130 Soft Coral from Catrice
Lipgloss: Bourjais 62 rose Gold

Brows: Inglot Brow Wax in 571 and light brown powder from my 120 palette
Eyes: Lid: 359 matte Inglot, 
Crease and under lower lash line: 452 pearl Inglot
Eyeliner: On lid and upper waterline Inglot 77  Gel liner, on lower waterline Inglot 76 gel liner
Highlight: M.A.C Vanilla Pigment
Mascara: Maybelline Falsies 

Friday 20 January 2012

Steal of the week!

Quick post today! I was bored last night so I decided to accompany my parents on their weekly shopping trip and boy am I glad I did! I picked up these baby's!

After 2 hours of strolling around 2 supermarkets , yes not 1! But 2! I was so bored when we finally got to the checkout knowing that I could not help in the unloading of the trolley (my arms are to short!) I wandered into the shoe department. Nothing to my liking I popped into the kids shoe department and these were on sale for €10!! Now I know your thinking yeh good for you what about people who do not have kids size feet in their 20's. Well good news these go up to a size 5! You know it pays sometimes to check out the kids section and if your embarrassed just pretend your shopping for your niece/sister. Oh ya I got these in the good ould Dunnes Stores!

Thursday 19 January 2012

MUA Cosmetics Blushers

Have you entered the GIVEAWAY yet ? Subscribe through google friend connect to win! Check out how to gain more entries and terms and conditions here! I just added a second prize into the goodie bag!

L-R Shade 4,2,6
So back to MUA Cosmetics I got 3 of their blushers which again were only €1.25 each. I got shade 2,4,6, at first look their pretty small about the size of a small single eyeshadow. They contain only 2.5g of product which is pretty small as most of my other blushers are 10g-12g but their only €1.25 buy four of these and you have 10g of blushers and only for €5! At the moment they only have 5 colors but this brand are still growing and are constantly adding new products and colors.

L-R Shade 2,4,6
So what are they like, well in my opinion they're worth €1.25. Yes they're highly pigmented but unfortunately they are extremely hard to blend you need to be so careful applying them. You need to use as little product as possible because once you put it on your cheek it's literally stuck to the spot you placed it on! Blending is soo difficult and after a few minutes of blending I give up and apply foundation over it! This kind of helps takes down the color if you applied too much and helps a bit with blending.

Unfortunately I will not be repurchasing these , and only giving them 1/5 that's because of the price! These are not in the giveaway!

Wednesday 18 January 2012

*CLOSED*Giveaway How To Enter and Term and Conditions!

So yesterday I announced that I was doing a giveaway in celebration of reaching 1000 views. Yes some of you might say it's a small milestone in terms of the blogging world but I like to appreciate the smaller things because they lead to the bigger things. The main objective is to gain new readers and to get my blog more known out there in blogger land.

The Prize:
Is a goodie bag of makeup and beauty products that I really like and have reviewed or used on the blog or will use/review! I will announce one or two of the prizes in the goodie bag each week (one was announced last night here!). I will do a post on the complete goodie bag on the last week of the giveaway.

Ways to enter:
You must be subscribed to the blog through google friend connect. Its on the right side of this page.

For extra entries
Add my makeup page on facebook as a friend!

Follow me on twitter here and tweet
@MeganRoseMUA is hosting a makeup and beauty giveaway on her blog checked it out
I must be tagged in the tweet and must include the link to the blog or entry will be void!

Each of these will give you one extra entry!

Comment below this post on how many entry's you have.

Terms & Conditions

1. You must be subscribed to the blog through google friend connect. It's on the right side of the blog just click the blue button.

2. Giveaway begins 18/1/2012 at 12pm GMT and ends 16/3/2012 at 11.59pm GMT and winner will be announced 17/3/2012

3. The competition is open internationally and I will pay the shipping costs.

4. I have payed for all products myself and have not been sponsored by any company or person to host this giveaway.

5. The winner will be picked fairly and not by me

6. The prize will be given as is and there is no cash equivalent nor can prizes be exchanged.

This is my first giveaway but hopefully not my last!

Tuesday 17 January 2012

Royal and Langnickel Brushes and Giveaway!

Short post today but finally my Royal and Langnickel brushes arrived. Just before Christmas I won one of their makeup contests with my peacock inspired makeup which was photographed by Alex Hutchinson .

 I won a $250 voucher to spend on any of their brush line. I instantly knew I wanted their Silk Pro line because it is made from highest quality natural and synthetic hairs. I will do posts on them when I start to use them but first impressions are I am absolutely in LOVE!!

In other news this week I reached a 1000 views on my blog and gained a few more subbies which I am delighted with. I really want to gain a few more so I am hosting a giveaway in celebration of my 1000 views. This giveaway will be open to old and new subbies and will be international.I will post all t&cs tomorrow. But the prize will be a makeup goodie bag and the first prize in the bag is this Royal and Langnickel Basics Eye Set! Sorry for the bad picture but I do not want to remove the plastic but the set includes Silk Pro C521-s brow/ lash groomer, C422-s flat eyeliner, C450 smudger, C411-s eye shader, C490 eyebrow
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