Monday 30 April 2012

OOTD- Buttoned Up And Frilled Out

Please excuse the busyness of this picture for some reason the computer would not let me edit it and me and technical things only go so far so it will do. Just ignore the big horse staring at you!

Went on a little shopping trip today o pick up some much needed things for the big move on Sunday. The weather here is horrid, gale force winds, rain showers and hale stones, but I never ever dress for the weather I just wear what I feel like even if it means wet toes! 

Shirt: Penneys/Primark
Skirt: Penneys/Primark
Bag: Penneys/Primark
Tights: Penneys/Pimark
Shoes: New Look
Bangles: River Island
(Basically everything's from Penneys )

I seem to be more organised then I taught I would be and have more time on my hands. Which means some blog posts this week and maybe a video or two. 
Question: Would you like a video tutorial on this look?

Sunday 29 April 2012

Picture Sunday(2)

Its Sunday again and its picture time. This week consists of alot of food and alot of stress. On Thursday I passed my fetec exams and this coming Friday I am sitting my Itec exams, even though I am already fully trained I did not have an international recognised qualification so back in February I started a local course here in Wexford to get my Itec cert in makeup just so my profession is recognised everywhere. So life has been pretty dull and stressy this week apart from my big news yesterday.

Flights booked for Portugal/ Trying to be healthy with a morning smoothie/  Failing to be healthy with a malteeser bunny/ Study study study

Avon and Dermalogica haul/ Sarah's tweet that made me smile/ Completely failed at been healthy with Chinese/ Midnight baking

Hope you all had a great week!

Saturday 28 April 2012

April Empties and A Big Change!

I've seen a few empties posts around lately especially on Essie Button and I've really enjoyed them. Also Ive decided not to do a Aprils Favorites because frankly nothing has extremely stood out this month, but I have actually finished quite a few products the last month.

 Firstly Davines Cleanser which I received in a glossybox, at first I hated this multi-functional product! It did not do much for my hair and would not have even lasted a week if I had of used it on my body. but then I start using it as a cleanser, now not the way they state on the box but with good old two cotton pads routine.  Never has my skin felt so clean after a cleanser! I just love it and would defiantly repurchase, but I changed my skin care routine as of yesterday and I am trying all new products out so will update you all during the week! 
 Next Simple Cleanser, I've used it for a long time but alas it no longer does its job and I literally just used it as to not waste space on my shelves. A few weeks ago when I organised my beauty shelf I did have six bottles of these two were nearly empty so I used them up. I gave one to a friend who was actually using body lotion on her face as a moisturiser and the rest I am keeping for my kit because this sits really well under makeup.

 Toner also finished up this month, nothing to really say about it just its a toner it does its job, but now another toner has stolen my heart and I will no longer be repurchasing!:(
 Wipes, Wipes Wipes! Simple wipes and Soap and Glory wipes, I did say in January I use these to take off makeup when I am lazy but I take it all back I never use them now. They are the worst thing you could possibly do to your skin. I basically used these to clean the packaging on my makeup palettes. No point in wasting!
 I have loved this hand cream forever and it will always be my favorite. This is just limited edition packaging but it usually comes in Avon's normal white and blue packaging and always on offer for €1.25 and last for so long. Already repurchased and have two bottles waiting to go!
 Hair care stuff. Finished off the la riche directions in lilac put some in shampoo and used the rest for dying my hair, I still feel it washes out to quick, sitting here tying with blonde hair, so it defiantly washes out too quick! And a bottle of my purple shampoo as I said in the haircare video I use it every second shower so two to three times a week and it lasted for about two and half months so pretty good for a small bottle. Already repurchased!
 This all go used for dying my hair in one go! My hair just did not work out last week and I had to redye it more purple so I used the whole bottle in two applications. So I can not comment weather it was any good, but remember that amazing smell? It does not stay in your hair after you use it :( thumbs down on this Avon! Will not be repurchasing!
 I love Batiste, I have confessed my love for this a million times over but by god this batiste was horrible! I bought it for the packaging, and I stupidly never smelled it and bought a big bottle. Oh how I gagged every time I sprayed it! The dry shampoo worked fine, just the smell was unbearable, and I was praying for the day it would run out! Will not be repurchasing but I have bought the batiste xxl volume one!

The Big Change!
Earlier today I announced on twitter I had big news! Unfortunaly Sarah aka Adoreabubbles got it wrong but I taught I would share her tweet because I nearly choked on my coffee when I read it!!
Next Sunday, the 6th of April I am leaving dreary old Ireland behind for 6 months! My Nanny, the legend may I add, got me a job in Portugal while she was on holiday there. I have not announced this sooner purely for the fact I ONLY FOUND OUT YESTERDAY!
 Its official, flight is booked! I am 22 now and I did leave Ireland when I was 19 but I just got stuck in England and never made it further so when this opportunity came up snatched it right up. I have no ties, no boys, no babas and I have a profession that I can travel with. This week will probably be super stressful, I have Itec exams, I have blogger meet ups , I have to sort out all my businessey side of things as well as pack and get summer clothes, so please bear with me with lacks of blogs this week.

Do not think I am leaving you behind though once I am settled blogs will be up as regular as usual even if I have to sacrifice my sleep. This blog is my baby and I cherish it with all my heart and appreciate all the support and readers and comments I get. I could never leave it behind ever! I do not know if videos will be happening, which I am gutted about but I will know more when I am over there a least you will still have one half of me.

I have started to write lists for packing and I just wanted to show you the difference between my cosmetics list and clothes list! You can see which I love more!

Adios Amigos!
(I think that's  Portuguese!)

Monday 23 April 2012

Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Decided to do an everyday simple makeup tutorial for you all. If you have not already would love if you could subscribe to my Youtube channel:  LittleBitOfMakeup

Here are some closer pictures:

If you have any requests for videos just leave them below in the comments! :)

Sunday 22 April 2012

Picture Sunday!

I love seeing peoples week in pictures on other blogs and decided after this week of finding out I already had Instagram that I will be bracing you with now a permanent feature on my blog which will be Picture Sunday!  Now I will not be bracing you with every picture from my Instagram also some pictures might not be on my Instagram so if you want to follow me my name on it is Meganrosemua. Hope you will enjoy this new feature!

Checking out Canadian visas/ Tea and Muffin/ 
Bloggers meet up in Cork/ Washing the oul brushes(this is not all of them there is about 40 more!)

Geeky Glasses/ One of many rainbows this week/
Two ootd that I will not be blogging about

Hope you all are having a great Sunday 

Saturday 21 April 2012

OOTD-Tutually Sheer

Just an outfit from during the week was just meeting up with some of the girls to finish off some college work. Literally just threw this together, I also wanted to show case my new jewellery that I got last week!

Top: Penneys(5years ago)
Skirt: Internacionale
Belt: Penneys
Jewellery: New Look

Also makeup is just an exact same as my birthday makeup which I have a tutorial on here

Thursday 19 April 2012

Review- Avon Nailwear Pro+ Sea Breeze and Lemon Sugar

About two weeks ago my Avon order arrived with two new polishes from Avon new Nailwear Pro+ range. This reformulated range now contains not only Diamond Dust but also calcium and keratin to help strengthen the nails. There is 13 new colors ( well 12 and a clear) and Avon states there is up to 12 days wear!

I choose Lemon Sugar and Sea Breeze as these are some staple colors for the spring/summer months ( we can just pretend its summer in Ireland). I had no expectations at all, as you know from my blog I am a regular Avon purchaser and love alot of their products. I own a couple of their nailwear pro range and I really like their color range and also their staying power. FACT: Avon sells one nailwear pro nail enamels every 10 seconds !

Now even though my nails are still in need of more TLC I could not resist trying these out over the Easter weekend. In my OOTD Post Here you will see I painted all my nails in  Lemon Sugar and one in Sea Breeze. I got about 3 days wear from them before chipping began, well more peeling but I find this happens with all my polishes I put a matte coat on. I use ELF Matte Coat in case your wondering. I applied three coats but really I just needed two. I got a few compliments on the color (not my nail painting skills).

Formula wise I find these two colors a bit watery, especially the Lemon Sugar even after wiping the brush on the rim the nail varnish just continues to pour out of it. The brush just seems to  hold to much of it. But after a double wipe the brush is fine to use. On the first coat as you can see below, you can see that it does not go on so easily which I think is down to the wateriness.

First Coat- Sea Breeze

First coat- Lemon Sugar
 Second Coat Lemon Sugar is now completely even but I do feel Sea Breeze could do with another coat as some of my natural nail color is showing , but only a thin layer. Note there is no top coat on in these pictures.

 Overall I am pretty pleased with these nail varnishes, now they had not lived up to the twelve day wear but what nail varnish does, think you would have to your hands in gloves all the time for nail varnishes to remain unchipped for 12 days! I am really interested in trying out some of the other colors when they come out in the main brochure. These are available from brochure 9 on wards at the special introductory offer of 3.25 and will be 8.00 euro afterwards.

As far as the nail TLC is going I picked these up in Holland and Barrett at the weekend they were half price so they only cost 4.99 which I taught was pretty reasonable. Now I have not seen major improvements so far but I have realised I am supposed to be taking three a day and not the one I have been taking. So from tomorrow I will be in on the right dose and will update further.

As you can see it contains alot of vitamins so if you are considering taking these you must stop taking any multivitamins you are already taking.

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Returning Items and Rimmel Lipsticks

Why do we Irish have such a problem with returning items? The fear comes over us when we realise somethings needs to be returned and the feeling of dread looms over us until we pluck up the courage to bring it back in!

Lets take the weekend just past as an example while shopping for birthday presents for my friend Sarah I decided to take advantage of Boots 3 for 2 for myself. Now if I could have I would have picked up some Real Techniques brushes but for some reason Boots decided to put them in Gorey Boots ( which is 40 minutes away) instead of the main Wexford Boots. So I picked up some hairspray and pots for my pigments and haircare stuff as well as some Rimmel Lipsticks.

Everything was fine and dandy till I went to do pictures for a blog post on Sunday and I removed the sellotape off the outside of the packaging and the lipsticks were destroyed inside. Pink Blush had been completely attacked with a women's nail and then had been spread all over the inside of the packaging! Then I remove the sellotape on the second lipstick, Coral In Gold , and this is half the size its supposed to be and all mushed up in the lid. My blood was boiling and the blog post went totally out the window! Why can people not use testers!

Then it struck me I had to return these, and the whole scenario played out in my head and it was not in my favour! I could just imagine the store assistant giving a look from head to toe that says "I know you did not buy these like this"! And then question after question about when you bought it, who served you, was the sellotape on? are you sure the sellotape was on? It just fill me with dread every time, its the same with returning anything!

Maybe its due to the fact that were not allowed return items once we try them at home, unlike our American counterparts who can just walk into MAC and say "This foundation does not suit me I want a different one!" if we did that in Brown Thomas we would just be laughed at!

So how did returning the lipsticks go, well; SA= Store Assistant
Me: Hi, I would like to exchange these lipsticks?
SA: You know you can not return makeup?
Me: Yes I know that, but I have not used them, because when I opened the packaging they were destroyed inside.
( At this point she gave me the stare!)
SA: When did you buy these?
Me: Saturday
SA: It's Tuesday now!
Me: Yes, I know its Tuesday I have not been in town since Saturday  and I only opened them Sunday!
SA: Are you sure the sellotape was on them?
Me: I would not have bought them otherwise!( I am getting really annoyed at this point!)
SA: Ok wait here!
SA:  (5 minutes later)Are you sure the were not opened? You can only get the same color if I exchange these!
Me: Yes I am sure and I only want them colors!
SA: Ok well we do not have Pink Blush anymore so you have to choose a different color!
Me: Ok I will choose another one! ( In my head: What was the point of explaining I could only have the same colors if you knew you did not have Pink Blush!)
SA: We made an exception for you, we would not normally do this!
Me: Eh, thanks!

Now you see why I hate returning things!

Now for the lipsticks I actually ended up with:

I ended up with Amethyst shimmer as Pink Blush was out of stock, but I was able to replace Coral In Gold, no for one thing I hate the packaging on Rimmel's ordinary lipsticks( not Kate Moss lipstick), it is just so cheap looking and the lids never sit right on the lipstick.

But the formulas are great and they so have a great color range and are really pigmented!

Now excuse the uneven lips, I just slapped these on for picture purposes!

As you can see Coral In Gold is not orange orange but actually a gorgeous coral shimmer you can apply another layer or two to get them more orangy if you want some stand out lips!

So does anyone else have some returning nightmares? Do you feel the same dread when you have to return an item? Would love to hear!

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Jewellery Haul- New Look

Only a 3 piece haul but I feel these are key pieces for the summer. New Look at the moment are having a buy one get one free on jewellery at the moment so there's good saving to be made.

Firstly I picked up this gorgeous Aztezish necklace that something I would usually wear but I am trying to branch out and try new things I think this would look great with a black or white shirt and this under the collar.
I picked up these free then as these were the cheaper item. Again Aztec inspired and their a match to the necklace. There was also another pair that matched the necklace but they had too many diamante on them.

Lastly I got these free as I picked up some pink feather earrings for part of a friends birthday present. Feathers were all in last summer but their still hanging in there and will be all around this summer too. I really choose these ones because of the spikes and I  might even pull off the feathers after the summer, as I find they can get dirty and limp looking after a while.

So there's my mini jewellery haul, what do you all think? Do you like New Look jewellery?

Saturday 14 April 2012

Face FX Makeup Supplies

Getting hold of materials needed for special effects makeup used to be a bit of a challenge here in Ireland. Most of the time I resorted to ebay, as Charles Foxes website would be constantly down, but the shipping cost would be horrendous. So when I was walking around the Irish Beauty Show last month I was surprised to find a special effects stand down near the back. I nearly completely walked past it but I caught the sight of bottled blood out the corner of my eye and quickly did a u-turn.

Managing Director and Makeup Artist Christine Penston, saw the want for theatrical and media makeup in the Irish Market and set up her online company Face FX Makeup Supplies. Carrying leading brands such as Kryolan, Wolfe Fx, Duo just to name a few, they carry everything you need weather its just sticking on false eyelashes or creating a terrifying flesh eating zombie!

I recently made a small purchase for an upcoming shoot I have here is what I got:

Face FX are offering 12.5% off your first purchase using the code FACEFXTS2012

They also offer next day delivery in Ireland! Oh and its FREE!!

Check them out here

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