Saturday 30 March 2013

Butter London Spring Sweetie Shop Collection

I am so behind in posts! Mid February I was invited to the Butter London Spring Collection Launch at Avoca. I took lots of photos for their fabulous sweet shop event and my sd card formatted itself and they were lost forever. Gutted was not the word! Before I get into the review, just want to say I met some fabulous new bloggers and saw some familiar faces also. It was a great event hosted by National Beauty Distrubution.

We were given 3 out of the 6 shades of the collection to take home with me 


Yellow 'JASPER'

My Favorite lilac 'MOLLY-CODDLED'

How cute is the Butter London logo!

Here's each color quickly swatched two coats of Jasper and Kerfuffle but Molly-Coddled only needed one coat.

Butter London is a 3 free company, no formaldehyde, no toluene, no DBP. Their nail varnishes creamy and easy to apply and have great pigmentation. Not to mention their collections are always bang on trend. As you can see these colors are perfect for spring.

Butter London is available at Avoca,, House of Fraser and

NYC Big Bold Curl Mascara Review

What NYC had to say about the Mascara;
"No more games, it's time to get noticed!
Skyscraper high, outrageously thick and super sexy. NYC's Big Bold Curl mascara gives your lashes up to 12 times more volume and up to 99% more lift. One stroke multiples your lashes by up to 147%. There are no clumps, just full-on drama and turned-right-up impact. Lashes get curled from corner to corner."

Oh NYC no no no no no no no! Just no.
I got so excited last week when I made my first beauty purchase in months. It was my birthday so I decided treat myself to a few bits. One of them being the new NYC Mascara, I had not heard much about it but in saying that I have been out of the loop for a bit. Their stand was advertising the mascara big time and only had a handful left in stock so I thought why not sure it was only €3.50.
Now I am a firm believer in high street brands and they come out with some quality stuff at a fraction of the cost, unfortunately they can make a few mistakes also.
Cue NYC's newest mistake!
First lets start with the pros, it is not all bad. Well OK the cons way out way the pros but at least there is pros.
The packaging is stunning I love the green and purple/pink its very eye catching and sleek.
Also the shade I got 855 Extra Black and it is definitely is extremely black. Which I love in a mascara.
Freakishly big brush
Now for the cons;
The size of the brush scares the beejaysus out of me its bigger then my eye. I keep poking myself in the eye with it or rubbing it off my skin and ending up smudging black all over my newly done eye. It's impossible to get into your small lashes in the inner and outer corners of the eye.
The Clumps!!
The clumps oh the clumps! I have not had clumps on my lashes since the first ever mascara I had when I was 13 which was from the Maybelline mascara with green lid. When I look through my lashes I can see the black balls hanging off my lashes. EUGH!
Layer one: Some lashes joined together, hmmm wheres the curl? I know what I will do, I will put on a second layer and see what happens. Now look at picture below!

Now for the worst con of all and an extreme pet hate I have. It gives you spider lashes.
Aghhhh! Spider Lashes!
I dread to even attempt a third layer.

All in all I am extremely disappointed with this latest edition to the NYC range. There is no lift (maybe because the clumps are weighing the lashes down. The brush is too big to get from corner to corner. My lashes are definitely not 12 times voluminous. They definitely need to get back to the drawing board on this one.

Thursday 21 March 2013

Birthday Outfit Of The Night

It was my 23rd birthday on Paddy's Day but working as a bartender means I've never had my birthday off. So organised my birthday night out for Tuesday.
I spent two days trekking all over Dublin city searching for the "perfect dress". With no prevail I started looking online. Just before Christmas I won a €500 voucher from Awear. Slowly bit surely the voucher has been dwindling down and there is only €50 left. I had seen this dress in the sale in January but they only had it in a size 8 and I knew it would never fit.

Lately though I have been working my little booty off to tone up. Now I am not gonna go into too much detail but in over a year and half I have lost just about 3 stone and a stone of that has been since Christmas. I decided that I should order this dress and I had every finger crossed that it would fit. It arrived last Friday ( do great next day delivery) with a pack of sweeties as well. All my stress went away when the zip effortlessly closed and I realised I was in a size 8 dress. I then did one of those crazy happy dance around my house ( luckily nobody was home).

The dress is lace on top half and skater style leather skirt on the bottom.
To accessorize the the dress I picked up the black and gold belt in Penneys,

 as well as the balconette style bra and matching undies which are part of the new vintage boudoir lingerie collection in Penneys.

The black and gold necklace I borrowed from a friend which she got in Penneys last October. The earrings I picked up in Penneys also which matched the necklace perfectly.

For a pop of color I choose to wear my River Island floral heels I bought last year.

I had an amazing party, and had one the best birthdays in the work even though I dropped my phone in a bucket of water and fratured my finger. It would not be my birthday if crazy things did not happen!

Wednesday 6 March 2013

Avon Color Trend Kiss and Go Lipsticks

I was at the folks house in Wexford a few weeks back, so with the sister been a Avon Representative the house is full of Avon brochures and surely enough a Avon order was made. 

Colortrend section in the brochure is something I usually just skim past but these lipsticks caught my eye and were on offer for 3 for 5 euro. It would have been rude not to.

What Avon have to say on them ; " Treat your lips to a rich and creamy lipstick in hot stay-true colors that last for hours".

I choose two of the regular line shades and one of the valentines special colors which by the look of the new brochure they have been added to the line but minus the cute love heart design. In my opinion they should keep the hearts the packaging is just to basic otherwise.
Violet Friday; Purple Roses; Beige Star
As you can see from the picture I got a lot more of the Beige Star then the others obviously a mistake in production. First impressions of the lipsticks their pretty good I got about 3 hours wear from each before needing to top up. They are moisturising and do not have any drying effects on lips at all. I wish they were matte as they are loaded with shimmer, but this range is aimed at younger girls and young girls are partial to the shimmer.

I am loving the Violet Friday shade at the moment its just the right amount of purple and pink mixed together, Purple Roses is a nice day shade its just a bit darker then my natural lip shade. Beige Star unfortunately just is not a shade for me , brown/ orange just does not suit my skin tone but its an addition to the kit.

There is a few other shades in the range I want to pick up like Doll Pink and Poppy Love so expect to see them on the blog soon.

Avon Color Trend Kiss and Go Lipsticks available in brochure 6 at €3.25.

* Lip swatches will be added next week\, having some cold sore issues at the mo!

Monday 4 March 2013

Beauty Show Haul

Eventually made it to the beauty show today, I was supposed to go on Sunday with my friend Amy but I started to feel ill in work on Saturday night and woke up Sunday morning with a god awful flu. Got up this morning and even though my throat felt like razors I really did not want to miss out.

This year I did not go too wild and only picked up a few necessity's.

I got these packs of lashes at 1 euro each, yes that's only 50 cent a lash total bargain. It was just from one them no branded stalls and they were in a basket on the floor. If they had of had any more styles I would have taken the lot.

Picked up 3 small nail glitters for 2 euro each just for some experimenting.

Was in need of new individual lashes and especially with the birthday coming up got short medium and long they were 3 for 2 so got the lot for under 8 euro.

Opi was there and you can not bypass their stall with out picking something up. I got the top and base coat at 6 euro each and the shade The Living Daylights from the Skyfall Collection for 4.50. Its glitter I could not say no

As always a trip to crown is needed I picked up 3 eyeliner brushes at 3 euro each and also a smaller blusher brush for my mam for mothers day at 6 euro. Did not go too wild as they will be at imats in London in June and I will be heading there with a long list.

This was my only kind of spur of the moment buy of the day. Back in September my sister bought me sleep in rollers for my bride maids duties at her wedding. (Subtle hints were left) I have yet to do a review on them due to the fact I was slightly dissapointed in the I was not getting the curl I wanted from them. So I headed over to the sleep in roller stand to see if I was doing anything wrong. Low and behold I have now own a Sleep in Roller  Hairdryer Hood which set me back 15 euro. Now I am trying not to get my hopes up to much but I will do a review on the whole set in the next coming weeks. Fingers crossed I will have Big Bouncy Curly hair!

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