Saturday 28 September 2013

Gorgeous Hair Salon Artane- New Hair Do!

For a long time I have expressed my displeasure with my balayage which eventually turned into utter detest of it. I juggled with what to do with my hair for a while, I thought about going blonder, I have always said I wanted to go back lilac, but my hair was struggling. It has lost its shine and had become extremly dry on the ends .

I saw a picture of Gianelle Liscio from the show Jerseylicious on Instagram and I instantly fell in love with her her and decided to try go for something similar.

I found  Gorgeous Hair Salon on Facebook and then it turned out my friend Amy gets her hair done on  there as well, which I always love how her hair looks.  So I called them Tuesday and got booked in for Wednesday afternoon.

From the outset the staff were very friendly and attentive , my hairdresser listened to exactly what I wanted and made me feel completely at home. After three hours and two cups of black tea and Milka Chocolate squares ( anywhere the gives you Milka with your tea/coffee gets a plus in my book) my hair had been transformed from dried out Balayage to a gorgeous chocolate brown with a few small highlights of blonde through the underneath mid section.

Just before the Hairdressers

Last night before the Inglot Flagship store event with it curled.

I am beyond happy with my new hair do, the cut and curl is just perfect and I finally have  healthy hair again.

While in the salon I saw an array of hairstyles from color and cuts to upstyles and curly blowdrys which I have to say are some of the best I have seen.

Their prices are extremely reasonable and constantly doing deals, also the salon is only 10 minutes on the bus from town and the 14 stop is only around the corner from the salon.

Gorgeous Hair Salon Price Salon
Blowdry (short, long & curly) €15
Cut and Blowdry €30
GHD or Wand Curls €25
Up styles €30
Colour Bomb (colour refresher) €10
Colour Semi (root-tip) Cut and Blowdry €50
Colour (roots) Cut and Blowdry €50
Colour (root-tip) Cut and blowdry €65
Colour, Tbar hi-lites Cut and blowdry €65

Easi Meche Tbar and Blowdry €60
Easi Meche Tbar Cut and Blowdry €70
Easi Meche Half head and Blowdry €70
Easi Meche Half head Cut and Blowdry €80
Easi Meche Fullhead and Blowdry €80
Easi Meche Fullhead Cut and Blowdry €90
Easi Meche per pack €2
Ombré (darker roots) and Blowdry €55
Ombré, Cut and Blowdry €65
Balayage (brighter ends) and Blowdry €55
Balayage, Cut and Blowdry €65
Ombré and Balayage and Blowdry €65
Ombré and Balayage, cut and Blowdry €75

They also do a deal that if you check in on Facebook while in salon you will receive €10 off any service over €50.

For bookings you can ring them on 018674643

Inglot New Flagship Store on South Anne Street

Last night I had the pleasure to be invited to the bloggers launch of Inglots newest store on South Anne Street which is just off Grafton street. This is Inglot sixth store to open in Ireland with other stores/counters in Jervis, Dundrum, Liffey Valley, Blanchardstown and Limerick.

This new Flagship store will carry the whole Inglot Cosmetics Range as well as exclusive products such as the Mattifying Pressed and Loose Powder 3s and Zuca Cases which are luxury makeup cases on wheels. This store also has a makeover studio, brow bar,  spacious private makeover studio.

This new studio will host makeup parties, bridal parties, makeup courses and professional makeup master classes. The first of which is with International Makeup Artist Jon Hennessey, with a client list of Alicia Keys to Helena Christensen and appeared in Elle and Marie Clare just to name a few. Jon will be flying over from Canada to host two Makeup Masterclasses on the 2nd and 3rd of October. The cost is €50 and are advised to book in advance as places are limited.

The store will open its doors to the public this morning at 11 with goodie bags for its first 50 customers. I would really suggest popping along even just to see the store. As always Inglot has gone with black and white decor which makes the color of all the cosmetics truly pop. It really is a beautiful store and I can see this becoming my go to Inglot store.
Colorful Freedom System

Face Product

Professional Brush Range

Lipstick Range

Thursday 12 September 2013

#SBBC Day 7: Makeup Look

This look was inspired by an MUA I found on Instagram a few days ago Danielle Roberts MUA, she does some really amazing eye looks and if any fellow MUA need some inspirations this is certainly the page to look at.

The Look
Foundation: MAC Face and Body C3
Powder: Fit Me Powder 125
Concealer: Dermacolor Camoflage Fair Palette
Contour: MUA Bronzer Shade 3
Blusher: 10 Pan Blusher Palette
Highlight: MAC Vanilla Pigment

The Eyes
Eyebrows: Inglot Duraline and Inglot Matte Brown from my 10 Pan Palette
Eyeliner: Black: Inglot Gel Liner 71 White: Inglot Gel Liner 72
Eyeshadow: Lid: Sleek Pigment in Eternal Flame
Crease: Bonze from 120 palette
Black: Inglot Matte Black from my 10 pan palette
Highlight: MUA White Eyeliner Pencil
Mascara: Pur Cosmetics Big Blink Mascara

Clear Gloss

#SBBC Day 6: Travel Dreams- Bali

I have quite a few places I would like to go in the world after my year in Canada next year, but the one place that has been top of my list for years now has been Bali.

My love affair with Bali all started after I watched the movie Eat,Pray,Love, which I have since watched another 10 times. Ever since then I have ogled over pictures of its landscapes, priced countless flights, looked at hotels, hostels, car hires etc..

After all this research my plan of action is to travel to Bali for 30 days and back pack around the island. For us Irish folk we can travel to Bali without a visa and purchase a short stay one (30 days) upon arrival at the airport for around €20 and if you wanted to stay for up to 60 days its just another ~€20.

I want to travel around the island, visit a few places around the coast and up the mountains. I do plan on spending about five days in Kuta which is a party central place for tourist and backpackers and mainly Aussies. It's a great place to meet other backpackers and getting any supply's you need as I do plan on traveling light.

Another place I do plan on spending a few days is Ubud, where Eat,Pray, Love was based in Bali. I want to hopefully visit Kieutut the medicine man (if he's still alive) and also while here I want to visit the Sacred Monkey Forest, which is a Hindu Temple that's grounds have been inhabited by 100s of monkeys.

The rest of the time there I will probably play it by ear see where the road brings me and just enjoy it all.

Thursday 5 September 2013

#SBBC Day 5: A Recipe I Love : Vegetable Cobbler

This is one of my favourite recipes that I love to make during the winter. It is so filling and chock full of vegetables.

Serves : 4
1 tbsp olive oil
1 garlic clove
2 onions, finely chopped (or 8 shallots, halved)
225g (8 oz) swede, chopped
2 carrots sliced
1/2 head of cauliflower, broken into florets
225g (8 oz) button mushrooms , sliced
400g tin chopped tomatoes
55g (2 oz) lentils
2 tbsp cornflour
3-4 tbsp water
300ml (1/2 pint) vegetable stock
2 tsp Tabasco sauce
2 tsp oregano, freshly chopped

225g (8 oz) self-raising flour
pinch salt
4 tbsp butter
115g (4 oz) grated Cheddar cheese
2 tsp fresh chopped oregano
150ml milk
1 egg lightly beaten


Prep:30min  ›  Cook:50min  ›  Ready in:1hr20min

1.Preheat oven to 180 C / gas mark 4. Heat oil in large frying pan and cook garlic and onion over low heat for 5 minutes. Add swede, carrots and cauliflower and cook for 2-3 minutes.
2.Add mushrooms, tomatoes and lentils. Place the cornflour and water in bowl mix into a smooth paste. Stir into frying pan with the stock, Tabasco and oregano. Transfer to an ovenproof dish, cover and bake in the preheated oven for 20 minutes.
3.To make topping, sift the flour and salt in a bowl. Add butter and rub it in, then stir in most of the cheese and oregano. Beat the egg with milk in small bowl and add enough to the dry ingredients to make a soft dough. Knead, then roll out on a lightly floured work surface to 1cm (1/2 in) thick. Cut into 5cm (2 in) rounds.
4.Remove dish from the oven and increase the temperature to 200 C / gas mark 6. Arrange the dough rounds around the edge of the dish, brush with the remaining egg and milk mixture and sprinkle with the remaining cheese. Cook for a further 10-12 minutes.

All vegetables can varied according to your personal tastes.

Image Link

#SBBC Day 4: Positives about Blogging.

I can not believe come November that my Blog will be live for two years now . I still remember the first time I sat down to write  my very first blog post about Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks. For todays #SBBC the lifestyle post is to talk about the positives of blogging and I have a few.

Irish Bloggers and Vloggers
Over last two years I have many amazing women who blog and vlog the same as me. These women are not only some of the wittiest, glamorous but are also the least judgemental and kind hearted I have ever met. From the events and meet ups I have met them all at have been some of the best times Ive had since my blogging journey began. I probably would have never met half of these women if I would never even started blogging as we all come from different walks of life are all in different jobs and live in different parts of the country. They are the most accepting group I have ever met and am glad I can call them friends.

The Self Esteem Boost
We all have good days and bad days but on bad days when you go onto your blog or youtube channel and you receive a lovely comment it can make everything seem a bit brighter. And even though its not about blogging stats to see you reach another milestone number can really give you the belief in yourself that what your writing is actually readable and you not some crazy arse girl babbling on about makeup.

Having a Reason to Shop
When someone says do you not think you have enough blusher/mascara/eyeliner etc... my response is It is for the blog! That all that needs to be said as it is a total legitimate reason.  So when someone says I have too much makeup all I say is I can never have enough because I have the blog and it needs to be updated.

So here are some of my positives of blogging I know I have a good few more but the brain is not working at the moment.

#SBBC Day 3: Makeup Travel Essentials

Honestly when I go travelling I tend to bring everything but I usually go travelling for a good few weeks /months rather then short periods of time. So I had to sit down and have a think about this topic. I had to scale back and just think of the necessities and stuff that would easily pack away in a small suitcase.

Firstly I decided on brushes, easy part I know, I only have one face so I knew I would not need that many. I decided on my Real Techniques expert face brush for my foundation and maybe cream blush, my Real Techniques Powder Brush, and  Royal and Langnickel Angled Blush Brush.
For eyes I choose my Crown  badger hair IB119 Deluxe Crease Brush, my larger Crown blending brush that I got at Imats which can be seen here in my Imats Haul.
Another Crown Brush I would bring along is my C158 Angle Liner/ Spoolie brush. By bringing this brush I can use it for not only my gel liner but with a bit of spot cleaning can also be used for eyebrows as well.
Last but not least I would bring a lip brush for application of my Lime Crime Red Velveteen.

For Face I would bring my MAC N2 Face and Body and also for night time application I would mix in some Revlon Color Stay in 110 Ivory for a full coverage. 
I would bring two concealers my MUA Cosmetics Cover and Conceal for under the eye in fair and Collection 16hr concealer in fair 1 for blemish covering.
Fit Me face powder in 125.
For contouring MUA bronzer in shade 3.
10 pan Blush Pan that I bought from Crown but can be bought elsewhere check out my blog post on it here.

For eyes I would bring my Urban Decay Basic Palette for basic eyes during the day and can be easily  changed into a smokey eye on the night. 
Also I would bring my 10 pan Inglot Eyeshadow palette so I have some colours to play around with.
Gel liner I would bring my favourite Inglot in 71.
For Mascara it would have to be Pur Cosmetics Big Blink Mascara.

For Lips I would bring just 3 colors a red, nude and dark purple also I popped my MUA cream blush in the bag as I can use it as a lip and cheek colour.

For moisturiser I choose my small size Kiehl's Skin Rescuer which can be easily packed away in my travel bag.
Also packed my Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm for my makeup removing and daily cleanse.  Its quick and easy to use and last thing you want while away is to spend ages before bed taking off makeup so this is great.

Monday 2 September 2013

Day 2 of #SBBC: Favourite Eyeshadow Palette

So I had decided to write about my ten pan Inglot palette mainly because I use it everyday for my eyebrows and the black for smokey eyes but I then realised I would only use another one or two of the remaining eight maybe once a week. So I start looking through my other palettes and then decided to write about my Urban Decay Naked Basic palette that I carry with me all the time because it holds the necessities, but then it hit me my 120 palette is hands down my favourite.

It's part of my everyday makeup routine that I have become so custom with it I almost forget I even use it. It's been mentioned many times here on the blog and where I got it so I will not go into to much details, but for the newbies of #SBBC it was a bargain for less then €7 on eBay about 2 years ago now. 

As you can see I have hit pan on quite a few and completely used up every last dust of colour in a few. I have taken it on shoots and used it on many area of the face not just the body. It's been through the mill and has been dropped countless times, it's how I lost the electric blue colour that has hit pan, but the outside casing is still in one piece and not even a scratch on it.

Some of the colours still remain untouched to this day as I have yet to think of a new eye look to use them in, as I can be a one trick pony when I find a new eye look I like ( at the moment I am loving the red/cranberry at top right on the left side). 

It's hard to imagine ever getting to the end of this palette and I will probably repurchase it before it happens just so I can have some of my favourite colours back. If your looking for a all rounder palette or you are just starting out using makeup and want to experiment then I certainly recommend the 120 palette.

What's your favourite eyeshadow palette?   

Sunday 1 September 2013

September Beauty Blog Challenge #SBBC

This month I have decided to take part in Girl Friday's Beauty Blog Challenge. As of late my blogging mojo has been on an hiatus and my blog has been suffering. Over last few months there's been a lot of changes in work and my hours have increased significantly so I am now only getting into a routine.

I still found time to catch up on my favourite blogs though and when I saw Girl Friday was doing another beauty blog challenge I just had to jump on the bandwagon. I loved #JBBC and even though it was a lot of bloggers writing on the same subjects they all had something different to offer each topic. AnnMarie has out done herself on this challenge and provided us with not one topic a day but two to choose from, one been a beauty topic and one been lifestyle. I am for sure going to take advantage of the two topics and include some lifestyle posts.

What I am really hoping to gain from this challenge is to get back into my blogging routine and to write about things I maybe would never even have thought about writing... Sure it is called a challenge after all.
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