Thursday 23 October 2014 - Beauty needs at a click of a button

I have been waiting for something like this to come along for a long time now. There has been similar but nothing that not only has salon but also freelancers that you can book with a click of button.

A few weeks ago I was invited along to a Bloggers Brunch, teamed up with Wet N Wild to showcase the new website. Demonstrations on the day included  always fabulous Lisa Molloy who showed us some quick and easy hairstyles, even teaching us a thick on how to get curly blowdry in less then 5 minutes. Life Changed Forever!

Also Sarah Jane Lanagan was on hand to show us all the latest autumn trend with the use of Wet N Wild Cosmetics. From textured eyes to plum lips she gave us the ins and outs of things autumnal.

Both of these ladies can be booked through website.

So back to, the website offer everything from makeup to hair and nails to waxing, all at a click of a button. The website offers both salon and call out therapists/ hairstylists and nail technicians. 

At the moment it covers most of Dublin and is expanding into other counties with more and more salons and freelancers been added every week. You can book your hair appointment in your favorite salon, get a talented nail technician call out to your house and even book your wedding day makeup application for you and all your bridesmaids.

Each professional service on the website includes a biog on their services including a price list and any awards they may have obtained. There is also a gallery to view their previous work before you book.

In a few weeks will also launch a special offers section showcasing weekly and monthly special offers/discounts offered by salons/freelancers that we all can avail of.

Sound amazing so far well I have saved the best for last. How does a gift card that can be used all over Ireland in any salon or freelancer that takes them sound. Well that is exactly what have made for us. On the website you can order prepaid MasterCard gift cards that can used in any of the businesses that advertise the BEUTiFi gift card logo. So weather your buying it as a present to yourself or a loved one these make the perfect gift for ladies of any age.

So ladies check out for all your beauty needs.

Sunday 19 October 2014

A Little Bit Of Lush

I fall easily to the power of enablers that are beauty bloggers and youtubers. After watching Zoella's huge Lush haul I knew I needed some Lush in my life. 

Lush have just launched their Halloween and Christmas collections, I passed by the Halloween stuff and went straight to the Christmas collection. There is so much to choose from bath melts to bath bombs, cleansers to body lotions, shimmer bars to bubble bars, not forgetting the cult favourite shower gel Snow fairy.

I decided not too overindulge, as I like to keep my Lush supplies fresh and buy as I need then stocking up as their all handmade.
I went for too bath melts as I have been noticing my skin is on the little dry side and these melts can be extremely moisturising.

Snow Angel
This heavenly moisturising melt is every girls sparkly dream. With its heavenly Christmas scent and great moisturising qualities and not forgetting the gold shimmer I am saving this for my next date night.

Melting Snowman
We might not be able to build snowmans outside but you can melt one in your bath. After popping this guy in my bath this morning my skin is softest its been in a long time, I smell deliciously like Christmas.

New Charity Pot
At the till the lovely Lush assistant asked if I would like to buy the trial size tin of New Charity Pot, at only €1 and everything minus vat going towards Grassroots Charity's (environmental conservation, animal welfare and human rights) . New charity pot is sold in a variety of sizes and has rave reviews online. In 2013 in U.K and Irealnd nearly €600,000 for charity in the sale of New Charity Pot. I have yet to use mine but I am going to pop this in the handbag and carry it around as my handcream. I also will be picking up more when I head back to stock up on more Lush products. 

So here is my mini Lush Haul with some festive treats.
Let me know what you are loving in Lush at the moment in the comments below.

Saturday 4 October 2014

Hello Mouthwash and Breath Spray

Last week I had the pleasure of of attending Hello product launch at the Trinity City Hotel hosted by National Beauty Distribution and Publicity Loft. It was a very hush hush event, myself and my fellow bloggers not knowing what sort of event we were heading to, just that it was a "Word of Mouth Party". If it was not for Aisling great detective skills (female Sherlock) and figured it might have something to do with oral hygiene, we would have all been in dark till the party.

So who is Hello?
Well you will be surprised as I was to find out that Hello was only created by known other then Mr. Craig Dubitsky, the creator of the infamous EOS lip balms. I probably should have known from quirky packaging. Confused by the "mumbo jumbo" that the Oral Hygiene industry goes on about, Craig wanted to introduce some friendliness to the industry.

About the products
At the launch we were introduced to the Mouthwash and Breath Spray. Both come in three flavors,
Supermint- a fresh minty burst of freshness
Pink Grapefruit Mint- a citrus mint
Mojito Mint- the name says it all you like mojitos you will like this!

Not your everyday peppermint mouthwash is it? Well these products not only have different names and quirky packaging, they also contain none of these nasty products
No Alcohol
No Artificial Sweeteners
No Colors
and my favourite
No Ouch

None of their products are tested on animals either.

How did I get on.

Myself and himself  honestly have been really enjoying using the products. I take the spray everywhere in my handbag and to college so I can have an instant burst of freshness after lunch. The girls in college have even commented on how cute it is. The mouthwash now lives on our new bathroom shelf and used morning and night. I can honestly vouch for the no Ouch aspect, as I was a bit eager last week ate some food before it was cooled and scorched my palette ending up with a pretty sore mouth. Even using the mouthwash I have no pain nor Ouch as Hello would put it.

Hello is available in McCabes, Sam McCauleys and Boots Pharmacy.

The mouthwash is available at €7.50
and the mouth spray at €4.50

Also Boots have a special offer on at the moment with 2 for €10.

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