Thursday 29 March 2012

Some Of Blogs From Near and Afar

This is some of my favorite bloggers from Ireland and abroad. I have been meaning to update my Blogs worth reading page for ages now just have not had the time to do it. Seeing as my camera is out of action( I taught you could just plug it in to my computer eh no it does not charge like that! FAIL!) I taught this would be a great chance to do it. So here they all are, Give all these lovely ladies a follow if you are not already. If you do not follow Beaut what rock have you been living under, wrote by sisters Kirstie and Aisling these sisters are in the know when it comes to everything beauty related. I certainly look forward to 5pm everyday when I get my fix of Wrote by Amy, this gorgeous lady introduced me to the whole blogging world up until early 2010 I had no clue about any blog and now I would be lost without it.

Fluff and Fripperies- Irish beauty blog with makeup, fashion, lifestyle and skincare! Emma writes a blog about every girls life luxuries. She showcases some great Irish products and she writes for also so you can check her out there.

Cherry Sue, Doin' the Do A Beautiful blog that has had me in tears one day and kinks of laughter the next! Susan's Monday moments always makes Mondays a bit more bearable, her nail posts spur me on to paint my nails and her pick of the week lets me have a little boogie around the room!

Lovely Girlie Bits Another two Irish sisters, Joanne and Karen chatting about Makeup, Hair, Nails everything you want from a beauty blog!

THUNDER + THREADS Leanne, one of my favorite blogger and vlogger, she is a girl that speaks her mind and its something I completely respect her for even if other people might disagree. She has a great sense of style and

Viva Adonis Two Irish Best Friends Dee and Sinead are beauty mad and in the know. They do some great reviews and very informative comparison posts on similar products by different brands. They also have a foodie kind of blog which has some amazing recipes( try the cookie one amazing with a cup of tea)

Adoreabubbles.  Sarah is just adorable!  Another Irish blogger and Vlogger she just talks and products she loves and will always put a smile on your face.

Dee-lightfulthoughts A blog about everything nice, from books to beauty to thoughts about her boyfriend and strip clubs! Its just a great blog and deserves a read!

Essiebutton- Canadian Estée who live in England, if you do not watch essiebutton on YouTube then your missing out on an amazing girl. She just exudes happiness you just can not be happy after watching her. Her Blog gives you more detailed pictures and somethings she does not mention in her videos. Just love this girl!

Fashion turn to the right -Dublin girl Aoife talks about everything fashion and beauty related. Just a great all round blog!

Musing of a Make Up Manic Julie writes about everything beauty related and how has a great YouTube, what more could you want? 

Fitz N Bitz- Laura from Cork, she has beauty bitz, fashion bitz and fitz bitz which is everything none fashion and beauty related. Its a great all rounder blog and she has just started back on YouTube.

Jimmilou.Com -An Irish girl in Australia, Joanne's outfits of the day are great their the first blog I go to in the mornings, she shows you do not need to buy expensive clothes to be stylish. She has a gorgeous jewelry line that shes just getting off the ground and I can not wait till I can get my hands on it. 

Ninas Bargain Beauty- Nina is someone I would call Wonder Women! With 5 kids how she makes the time to blog and vlog is beyond me. She does some great reviews on Glossybox's and shows us some great products that do not cost a bomb either.

Under The Willow Trees - This gorgeous blogger started around the same time as me, she posts on everything beauty related and some great OOTDs. Her Saturday strolls post always make me a tad jealous and miss England just a little bit. She just started on YouTube also.

Beautycrush- Sammie is a complete fashioniste, absolutely love her YouTube and her blog is just extra to that she puts up some great OOTD and pictures of her everyday adventures.

Tuesday 27 March 2012

As The Sun Sets

The Irish summer is here! Which means we get one glorious week of sunshine around Easter holidays (i.e now) and then it rains for the rest of the summer! Today I had a business meeting so I needed something cooling but not bearing too much skin.

Top: Tesco
Trousers: Penneys
Shoes: Penneys
Sunglasses: Dunne Stores

Oh and hello to my recent subbies great to have you here! Do not forget I just started my Youtube so hit subscribe over there too :

Thanks! Hope your all enjoying the sunshine!

Sunday 25 March 2012

Second Youtube Video- First Tutorial

Ok the camera is way too close to my face! But this video has had soo many hiccups so this is the best I can do. Also I am still learning this whole video editing thingy but want to say thanks to Nina from  Ninas Bargain Beauty for pointing me in the right direction.

Please Subscribe: Mucho Appreciated :)

And if any of you have anything to request for future videos just leave an comment :)

Saturday 24 March 2012

Lace and Stripes

So yesterday morning I had a small photoshoot to appear in the local paper. I kind of put this outfit together at the last minute as the shoot got moved forward 2 hours so I did not even get a chance to finish my hair!

Top: Penneys (Dress worn as top)
Skirt: Forever 21
Ankle Boots: Penneys
Necklace: The Prettiest Things


Thursday 22 March 2012

Maybelline Color tattoos - They Are Amazing!!

These babies were not supposed to hit our counters till next week but they have been popping up in random Boots and Superdrugs all over the country. And a little birdie told me that they have been actually been sitting in drawers for weeks now as testers did not arrive with them. After Emerald Eyeliner post on these Tuesday all us bloggers have been rushing to the nearest Maybelline stands in hope of finding them. Now I was not able to get to my nearest Superdrug till this morning but been that I am in Wexford I was hoping all would be good and they would still be there.

They had literally only sold one! Ladies of Wexford do you not know how amazing they are?? And their on 3for2 so they are even more amazing! Now here are the swatches of the ones they had on display:

No Flash-  Tenacious Teal, Bad to the Bronze, Eternal Gold

Flash- Picture does not do the blue justice it is much more vibrant.

Loved the gold one was a bit emph on the bronze and I really just did not want the blue! Me and the color blue  are just not friends, but I do admit the color pay off is great on it but it is harder to work then the others. A bit deflated I picked them up and said ah sure they are amazing just not the ones I want. Picked up the rest of my bits and bobs and headed to the counter, where I decided to chance my arm and ask if they had anymore. Then I was led back over to the Maybelline counter, where the beauty specialist opened the bottom drawer and there they all were in all their glory! They were just singing out to me saying "You found us! Take us home with you!"

I had to restrain myself I wanted them all( apart from the blue) but my purse said no! So I picked out the ones I had to have and the others will just wait in the drawer until I come back.
No Flash- Immortal Charcoal, Permanent Taupe, Eternal Gold

These babies live up to all the hype, they do not move their extremely pigmented and defiantly give MAC paintpots a run for their money and are half the price! They literally will not budge when their on their on! I can not even smudge the swatches. I will do a look on the maybe on my youtube so you can see how they work and I'll let you all know if they crease or not. So keep an eye out!

Beautiful grey it is a bit Shimmery but not over board
Now I wanted Tough As Taupe (shade 35) but they did not have it , and I checked Maybelline  USA website and they do not have this shade. So I am getting the feeling were getting this shade instead. I still love it, its a beautiful matte taupe.

Just a beautiful gold! What more could you ask for.

Now two colors that I did not see was Too Cool and Audacious Asphalt. Two colors I really want now I have no clue weather were getting them ( fingers crossed). But in the drawer of colors I saw they had about 7 or 8 colors and there is 10 in the collection as far as I know

Wednesday 21 March 2012

I actually bought myself a lipstick !

Since I've become qualified I have barely bought myself anything makeup wise. All my Christmas stuff was for my kit anytime I've done hauls they have been for my kit, really have not bought myself anything. So when In headed up the Dublin the weekend before last I with my Brown Thomas voucher in hand, I had set my mind on getting another Face and Body for my kit, but then I started to think ..... When was the last time I had just bought something for me?

That was it I was buying something for me! And this is what I bought...

Yep Nicki Minaj Viva Glam Lipstick, the instant I swatched it I knew I wanted it. There is just nothing else like it. This is in your face pink, now it can be worn sheer and toned down, if its not for you. I really do not know how to explain the color, its warm so there defo some orange tones in there.

This picture does not do it justice!
Now I heard some rave reviews about this product but I also heard because its a satin finish it does not have the lasting power.  Well I have a wee story for yous and its one I am not proud of!

So I slept with my makeup on!! AGHHH yep not good totally broke my new years resolution! But I have been really good every other night. So anyway Saturday night after my birthday celebrations with a belly full of drink and chinese I could not have been arsed! And I just hoped in the bed and drifted off to the land of drunken dreams with a full face of makeup including Nicki on my lips! Woke up 9 hours later and Nikki is still there! Now I did not put the lipstick on before bed must have been halfway through the night I put it on so this baby lasted around about 12 hours. If thats not staying power I do not know what is!
no Flash


Ok so now I am going to slap myself on the back of my hand for been a bold girl! So what do you think of Nicki Minaj Viva Glam? Is it for you? Let me know!

Nicki Viva Glam is 17.50 at Brown Thomas and BT2 Mac Counters, all proceeds go to their MAC AIDS FUND.

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Garnier BB cream- I Hate It! Noelle Loves It!

A while back Noelle asked me to pick out a new foundation for the day and night for her. We picked up Revlon Colorstay for the night and Garnier BB cream for the day. I was looking for a tinted moisturiser for her because shes in final years of been a veterinarian student and has no time in the morning to apply makeup, she also has dry skin so was looking for something moisturising for her skin. Garnier BB cream had just been released at the time so there was stands everywhere. I decided it was a good match for her and she could also be my guinea pig on the product. So a few weeks ago she text me saying she absolutely loved it and I needed to test it out for myself. Oh boy do we disagree!
This is just a sample I had of it.

Me and Noelle never really disagree on things but were on totally opposites sides of the fence on this product. Note that I have normal to dry skin and Noelle has oily to dry skin.
This is the lovely Noelle!

Noelle Loves It:
  1. Its Light, no heavy feeling skin is able to breathe
  2. Easy to apply and can be applied in a matter of seconds
  3. Does not become patchy on her dry skin
  4. Reasonable price
Noelle does feel it could be a bit lighter, it only comes in two shades at the moment and she wears the light. She adds a tiny bit of moisturizer to make it suit better
What is going on with my lips? This is supposed to be a sad face!

Now why do I hate it

  1. Light is nowhere near light I look like Ive been tangoed!
  2. It feels greasy on my skin! I actually can not bare to touch my skin when its on!
  3. It just does not sit on the skin right even with some powder on top of it! 
Now I am not gonna say buy it or do not buy it, as you can see we do not agree but everyone is different. What I am gonna say is test it! If you can get your hands on a sample try it out or bring a small pot to a store with you and take some the tester home.

Monday 19 March 2012

Birthday Outfit of the Night

As you all know it was my birthday on Saturday, I just went out on the night with some friends and here is what I wore:
Top: New Look
Black Top: Penneys
Aztec Leggings: New Look

Sunday 18 March 2012

Big Announcement and Giveaway Winner

I am starting Youtube!! I have been waiting for so long to announce this, how I kept it quiet is beyond me! My Youtube  officially goes live today and I can not wait to start doing regular videos. Expect more tutorials and hauls etc..

We have a Winner! Now I could not get the hang of this whole video editing at all and I am literally heading out the door for my birthday drinks! So here is the screengrab and its not on the end of the video!

Congrats to Dee from dee-lightfulthoughts! I will be in touch soon( when I get over my Birthday hangover!)
Subscribe to my Youtube here
Hope you all have a Fab Paddys Day

Thursday 15 March 2012

St. Patrick's Day Tutorial

As you all know I am Irish and Paddy's Day has to be one the biggest days of the year here. I have an extra special love for the day as it is MY BIRTHDAY!!! So I will turning 22 on Saturday, I can feel my bones creaking already.

Mostly people wear green and paint their faces in Irish colors or shamrocks. This is not for everyone so this little eye look is for people to celebrate the irishness but subtly!
I have no other makeup so please do not judge!

Products used:
Inglot White Gel Liner in 76
Green Eyeshadow from 120 palette
Orange Eyeshadow from Frontcover

Literally its quick and easy draw a flick liner with the white while its still wet pat on the eyeshadow. If the liner starts to dry just add more. Apply rest of your makeup as normal.

Wednesday 14 March 2012

Harrods Glossybox and Beauty Show Haul

 The March Glossybox arrived on Monday morning and all Glossybox's sins have been forgiven! This month was the limited edition Harrods box. Harrods is the English version of Brown Thomas except better!

In my box I received:
  • Fendi- Fan di Fendi Eau De Toilette 4ml
  • Ojon - Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum
  • Erno Laszlo- The Hollywood Collection : 5 Piece Cream Gift Set
  • Burberry Beauty- Miniature Lip Cover Rosewood N04
  • Clairins - Extra Firming Body Cream

As you all know I went to the Irish Beauty Show on Monday, I went with a list so I would not over spend and I got mostly what I wanted  and what I did not get just was not available or sold out.

They had such good deals on Opi at the show most polishes were 5.75 and some old seasons been just 3.00 euro. I picked up 4 polishes, one will be revealed later in the week, for 14.75.
L-R Mod About You, Muppets collection Excuse Moi!, Moon over Mumbai

 Wayne Goss raves about Makeup Atelier any chance he gets and is always using this concealer palette. So when I saw they would be at the show this went on my list. It cost 28 euro.

 Lashes were on 3 for 2 so I picked some up for my kit as you can never have enough!
 Boring Stuff! Got two empty spray bottles for water and surgical spirits, some wooden sticks for cuticles and some nail gems. I paid 10.95 for them gems, was soo annoyed when I realised because they were so much cheaper at other stands. You live and learn!
 Crown brush was the first place I hit when I got in. It can be the first stand that gets over crowded so its best to get to it early. Now technically I did not need anymore brushes I think my collection is hitting over a 100 now but I just could not help myself and I have an excuse for every purchase! Firstly I got 4 eyeliner brush. I already have two from Crown which I love but one is completely stained with eyeliner now so i just keep that for personal use. So I needed these! They were 3 euro each
 Next I got two lip brushes, when I am working these are the first thing that I tend to run out of and need to spot clean so having more is never any harm!
Ok this one I have no excuse for I already have 6 fluffy brushes and I do not need any more but I love them and their so soft. I had to hold myself back and not get any more! I also picked up a foundation brush for my sister and a eyebrow brush for my mam which are in the haul picture all the brushes came to a total of 35 euro.

Lastly I picked up my beauty box, I sometimes work next door at the local salon and carrying my whole case over there can be such a nuisance and get in the way, so I started to bring a smaller kit bag but the zip broke on that the other week so I invested in a box. They can get pretty heavy at times and are not suitable for carrying all over the place. But for short distances or going to a clients help can just make your kit look more cleaner and professional. Alot of the boxes at the show were leopard , zebra and snake print not my cup of tea at all. This one was the nicest I had seen and had the best drawers.All the separators are removable.It was only 50 euro.

What did you think of the Harrods box??

Tuesday 13 March 2012

Pink Panda!!!

I headed to the beauty show this week in the RDS!!! I was a bit sceptical after the October one which was absolutely crap!!!It was completely aimed at beauty therapy and there was nothing there for me. Also I wished they would change how they name you on your card, I swear no offence to beauty therapists but the one thing hate , is been called a therapist when I am a makeup artist! I|t does not go down with me well! Rant over!! But this show was brill I did go with a list in hand but I think if you do not end up sending unnecessary pennies!

Outfit of the day was casual but still showed off my style. I know I blog about this jumper to death, but I love it and its so comfortable!

Face was pretty sheer with a hint of sleek rose gold blush and Viva Glam By Nicki Minaj  on the lips.

Top: New Look
Jeans : Vila
Shoes: Dunnes Stores

I was planning to do my beauty show haul tomorrow but the harrods glossybox arrived a week early so all my posts have been jumbled up this week!

Hope you all had a fab weekend!!

Sunday 11 March 2012


Quick post this evening! I'm up in Dublin hitting the beauty show in the morning. I did a small amount of retail therapy this afternoon, I will update you during the week, or if you can not wait check out my Twitter for what I bought.

Noelle was kind enough to paint my nails, as you all know I am absolutely crap!! And she has much nicer polishes then me!!!

Save the nail coloring extending base coat by nails inc
O.P.I Nail Lacquer in Steady as she rose 
Nails Inc Hatton garden(accent finger)
Save the nail 45 sec topcoat by nails inc

Noelle was brave enough to let me paint her nails!! I actually am better at painting other peoples nails! (slightly)

Avon Nailwear Pro Pink radiance
Base & top same as before!

Hope you all had a fab weekend! And if any of you are at the beauty show tomorrow come say hi! Ill be pretty noticeable with my purple hair!

Friday 9 March 2012

Eye Makeup Tutorial!

Sorry my eye starter to get watery when I went to take the pics hence the missing liner in waterline. Damn you watery eyes!

Just something a little different for the weekend instead of the norm smokey eye!
Products used:
Maybelline 24hr concealer in fair
Inglot matte eyeshadow in 392
Black Kohl Pencil(no brand)
Sleek Eye Dust in Fantasy
Eyelashes from ebay
MAC Vanilla Pigment
Avon SuperExtend  Extreme mascara
Avon Perfect Eyebrow pencil in Blonde
BM Beauty Pure Mineral Eyeshadow In Noir
Essence Fix and Matte Powder in Translucent

How to achieve this look:
  • Pop a small amount of concealer on the eye and blend with finger or fluffy brush.I find finger better as it warms up the concealer. Apply lose powder to set.
  • With the black kohl pencil start to color in the lid( note this does not have to be neat) just to before the crease.
  • Using the matte black pigment and fluffy brush blend in the kohl pencil up to the crease.
  • Using a clean fluffy brush blend the Inglot purple into the crease, blending it upwards to get a soft finish and into the black as well.
  • Using a flat shader pat the Fantasy pigment over the black, make sure to tap the brush to avoid fall out.
  • Blend all edges neatly and apply black kohl pencil in the waterline aswell
  • Bring the black kohl and fantasy pigment under the eye aswell to give more of a smokey look
  • Apply MAC vanilla in the corner of the eye and under brow as highlight
  • Apply a layer of mascara on upper and bottom lashes and apply lashes with Duo Glue. Allow glue to dry and apply another coat of mascara.
  • Fill in brows with brow pencil to desired shape.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Thursday 8 March 2012

Where To Follow Me

For the last few weeks the talk of GFC not been available to none blogger blogs has been all over the bb world. Me been new to this whole thing have not got a clue it it has affected me in anyway. I know I still have it because I use Blogger but I do not know how its affected followers. So I decided to compile a list of places where you can find me:

You can also follow this blog through email just type in you email in the follow by email box on the right --->and hey presto you get the blog emailed to you everyday!

To Rio We Go!!
I am also on MakeupBee and I just entered their recent competition with my look above!! 
and if you would like to give me a vote :)

Wednesday 7 March 2012

Wearable Ombre Lip

Apologies for the crap lighting! Ombre is everywhere at the moment from hair to nails to lips, the hair and nails are pretty easy to wear, but some of the lips are a little to much for everyday wear. So I created this pink Ombre lip, just using subtle pink similar in colors.

Top: Catrice Pinker-Bell and 17 lip pencil in Valentine
Middle: Elf Party Pink
Bottom: Avon Satin Sheets and 17 lip pencil in Fawn

I applied and blended using 3 lip brushes(No.7 Precision eyeliner brush)

Tuesday 6 March 2012

Dicky Bow!

First outfit of the day post, let me know what you think if you would like to see more!Was just heading to a friends house today so I just wanted something casual but cute at the same time!

Shirt: Penneys/Primark
Leggings: Penneys/Primark
Shoes: New Look
Bow: Claire's Accessories(Hair Clip)
Bracelet : Penneys/Primark
Nail Varnish: Avon Blue Escape

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