Thursday 31 October 2013

Penneys Exfoliating Foot Mask

I have never been a big fan of feet, like who is? Well a part from foot fetish people but lets not go there!  I work on my feet there is no sitting down in my profession and no matter how good my shoes are or if I have socks on I will always end up with wet feet. I am constantly walking in puddles the glass washer is leaking sinks are over flowing, you would be surprised I had to teach a few lads in my job how to fix a u-bend before in work.

With my feet constantly been "attacked" it's no wonder the skin can get hard and they just turn nasty  and I would not even take my socks off for nobody not even if Tom Hardy was asking me to.

So I had heard about these Foot Mask from Penneys from Twitter, bloggers had been chatting about them for months some absolutely loving them, some loathing them aka Dani from The disgust some people have for them is nothing to do with the mask itself which is very easy and pleasant to use it's what happens 5 days later...
Before I get into the "changes" that happen to your feet I will just give you a quick low down of the process/application, because it's all very easy. 

1. You cut open the open top of packet be careful as you do not want to cut the socks.
2. You take out the folded socks as seen above and unfold them and cut along the scissor line
3. Place the socks on your feet for 1 hour - 90 minutes
4. Sit back blog/watch the soaps / file your nails etc...
5. Take socks off, wash feet and throw socks in the bin.

Easy Peasy! 

The fun part/ or gruesome how ever you view it, these masks do not work straight away, they can up to five days till you start seeing the results and then another 4 days to complete the process. I eagerly waited checking my feet everyday to see any hint of changes even at the fourth day I was like these do not work at all my feet are still same ugly hooves they always was. Then while I slept that night and woke the next morning the "Process" had begun.

"The Process"
I would love to vividly go into this pictures and all but I would like people to come back an read my blog so I will keep it short and straight to the point. Your skin just starts peeling off your feet like a snake sheds it skin, or you get sun-burnt and start peeling, except its much thicker as your sole of your feet are much thicker. It can take anywhere up to four days for your whole two feet to fully peel. Honestly I would say if you have a boyfriends I would definatly not let them near your feet during the process. It just it's not the prettiest. 

The Result
You are left with silky smooth feet that happily let Robin Thicke sing into as he did in The Blurred Lines video.

These retail at €4.50 in Penneys/Primark stores, they may not be easily available because they always sell out but I found mine in the Artane Penneys.

Thursday 24 October 2013

Things That Ain't Working For Me #3: Surya Brasil Swedish Blonde

Part three of my mini blog series and today I am bringing you another hair product. I was given this box of henna powder at a blogger event over the summer, it was when I had my balyage hair so I chose the Swedish blonde.

Never had I tried henna powder or cream before, I do remember it growing up my mam using it to dye her hair black when she was trying to avoid using drugstore products and all I could remember is the smell which honestly was not that pleasant.

A bit apprehensive about lashing it on all over I decided to do a strand test. I took a strand from the underneath and followed the instructions.

Unfortunately the end result was not pretty. I had no expectations, sure my hair was bleached and I doubted it would be able to change hair that had been died with peroxide, but on the box it has a color chart that contains a bleached hair color and the results showed a strawberry blonde color ( note the picture on the Brasil Website shows more of a copper). Well I got neither copper nor strawberry blonde, I got green!

Thankfully it was just a strand test and it was from the underneath of my hair and it washed out within two weeks.

Now this is not to say the whole range is bad or product I have seen other bloggers such as Sarah from Adoreabubbles get beautiful results from other colors and at the recent bloggers event held by Aisling from Total Makeup Addict  I met the lovely Catherine Mulcahy who came talk to us about Surya Brasil and how it all started and what other products they have. They have products for not only hair but for face and body as well and products that I would be interested in trying. Aoife from A Little Infinity won a Surya Brasil hamper in the raffle and the smell from some of the products was to dye for, I am really looking forward to reading some of her reviews on the brand.

Monday 14 October 2013

Oriflame Color Drop Lipstick- Glossy Berry

Oriflame newest lipstick offering Color Drop Lipstick. 
Here's what Oriflame have to say,
"Get endless perfection, intense color and high shine gloss from the first application to the last drop with the world's first lipstick to follow the curves of a women's lips. With Dew Drop Complex for intense moisture and comfort."

I ordered the color Glossy Berry as I thought it be a great color for autumn/winter season. I liked the idea of the drop shape as when lipstick get used a lot they lose their shape and you can never get a perfect application without the use of lip brush. So the fact that this lipstick will never lose its shape is a real plus for me.

Honestly I was expecting more color, the color on one application is very sheer but is buildable with a few applications. It is very moisturising so great for winter dried lips. The finish is glossy so you get a nice shine aswell as a lick of color.

The range offers a selection of 8 colors from nudes to pink and reds to brown. They retail at €12.45 but are on a special launch price of €8.25.

Oriflame is available from consultants worldwide and you can find your nearest consultant on the oriflame website. 

* I am an oriflame consultant but all my opinions are my own and products have been purchased with my own money.

Inglot Nail Enamel in #21

As you all know I am not  a major nail person. I have stubby little fingers which means I have stubby little nail, that never grow longer then the tops of my fingers. Also I am a culprit for chipped nail varnish that I leave for days at an end on my nails.Sometimes I do like painting my nails, even if I do make a mess of it and it goes all over my fingers, from afar they look exceptional!

I have never owned a red nail varnish, never ever! So when I received this little beauty in my goody bag from the south Anne street opening I was thrilled.

The polish itself looks very watery and I was afraid I would have to apply a good few coats. However to my surprise 2 was enough and I got some beautiful shiny red nails. 

Longevity wise I got about 3 days wear out of it before any major chips appeared.

Inglot nail polishes retail at €10.

Things That Ain't Working For Me! #2

Part Two of my new mini blog series and I hope you are enjoying it so far.

From the picture some of you will know what this is if you follow me on Twitter, if you do not this is the front of my phone case. What is wrong with my cute adorable bunny phone case you ask nothing! It is the device i.e my phone that sits in it that is the problem.

Back in March on my birthday I dropped my beloved Nokia E71 in a bucket of water, it had served me well for 3 years and it was time to move on to more technology. I decided to go for a Samsung Galaxy Ace  GT S7500. A lot cheaper then the Samsung Galaxy S3 out at the time and could do everything I needed it for i.e pictures, twitter, instagram, blogger, youtube etc...

Forking out for anything above 100 euro to me is a big decision and not one I take lightly, so forking out 200 euro is huge!

Everything was going wellish sometimes I experienced some freezing but its a computer and all computers freeze now and again. The phone even did me for my netflix while my iPad was out of action.  So when it went dead while out for dinner last week I thought nothing of it. That was until I had turned it on when I got home to find my scroll down notifications bar had vanished along with my pictures and sd card unreadable. I thought at first it will be grand I will turn it off for the night let it charge and turn it back on in the morning to normality.

This was not the case, again I turned it on and same as before all items missing and when I was receiving a phone call it was ringing but the screen did not change so I could answer it. Luckily I still had proof of purchase ( my hoarding of receipts has finally paid off!) and Meteor kindly took it back to be sent for repairs.

Unfortunately this meant I was phoneless for 10+ days until my friend Saskia came to the rescue.

Introducing my new iPhone 7!

Ooogle at the technology of Snake in color! They call it Snake Xenzia!

Friday 4 October 2013

Things That Just Ain't Working For Me! #1

You can not expect everything to work for you right, sometimes they do not suit your skin type or it's the wrong shade for you in makeup and what not. Sometimes products Really Do Not Work and they are just absolutely awful!

So here is a new mini series on the blog a few products I have been trying out lately that are just awful. I will post one each week or so. 

Viviscal Gentle Shampoo and Moisturising Conditioner, I had received these in a goody bag at a blogger meetup and had high hopes for them but they did not live up to my standards at all. First of all the shampoo, it took at least three big squirts of it in my hair before I got anything resembling a lather/foam, I found it hard to spread around my head and after washing it out I never truly felt my hair was clean.
I tried to capture the little plastic bits but it did not work.

The conditioner, oh boy the conditioner! It is horrendous! Again I found it hard to spread and this also contained something I have never experienced before in Hair care. It felt as if it contained tiny bits of plastic in the liquid. I could feel them when I squirted some out into my hand but even when I tried to spread it throughout my hair I could still feel them. At first I thought it was something in the formula that was to dissolve but even when washing out they were still there.

Viviscal do say in their press release that you will experience less of a lather but I barely saw any lather at all. Also on top of this they claim these will condition the hair from root to tip add volume and shine and all round much healthier hair.

All I experienced was greasy hair a day later and lather less shampoo and some really difficult bottles to squeeze with my tiny hands!

Would I pay €11.95 each for 200ml, not a hope!

Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm - Dare I say it my Holy Grail Cleanser!

As you all know I like to give everything a good trial, Items like tans, Hair care, cleansers and so on get a good trial of a month before I will review it on the blog.

This little beauty I have for quiet some time now and have yet to review it on the blog. The reason for this is I believed after using it for month straight that I had found my Holy Grail of cleansers. This is a pretty big thing and not something I just throw around lightly. But this is my number one cleanser!

Now before I get into the review I want to tell you about Merumaya and it's founder Maleka Dattu. On a sunny July morning I was invited to Arnotts for a bloggers breakfast by Lekha who is in charge of PR for Merumaya. As you all know I work nights and mornings are not my thing, but I was intrigued by the brand that I had not heard much about so I popped along at 8:30am. To say I was thrilled to have gotten my bum out of the bed and went would be an understatement I came out of the breakfast with a huge understanding and fondness for the brand Merumaya and also completely inspired by Maleka who in my eyes is a wonder women with juggling a baby and a company that just keeps growing. Also she gave us bacon rolls with ketchup and I am a sucker for bacon!

Maleka has a very impressive CV she has worked for company's Clinque, Origins and LancĂ´me, in 2006 she was awarded with Cosmetic Executive Women's Achiever of the Year. In 2010 she decided to fulfill her dream and create Merumaya Integrative Effective Skincare. She wanted to create a brand that would not only help prevent skin aging but to also perfect existing signs of against and help skin to perform better for itself while protecting against skin ageing aggressors.

So back to the Melting Cleansing Balm. It is part of a double cleanse process but you double cleanse with the Melting Cleansing Balm, if you have oilier or troublesome skin Maleka does recommend cleansing with this first and then move onto Merumaya Luxury Facial Wash. I have normal to combination skin so I have no need to change. You massage the balm all over your dry face and it begins to break down your makeup. Adding water it turns milky and really gives your face a good clean. Remove with a damp facial cloth or Everyday Cleansing Cloth from Merumaya. And then you repeat.

So what makes this my ultimate favorite cleanser, well there's a few things.

The smell- At first when trying it at the bloggers breakfast I was not a fan, but after using it a few times it has grown on me and whenever I smell it I think of luxury. The smell is the Merumaya Signature Essence Blend which you will find in most but not all of the Merumaya brand.

It's Effortlessness- It is so easy to use! It's one product and it does all the work, there's no harsh scrubbing, it does what it says and melts away your makeup as well as dirt and grime. With the second cleanse you really get down into the skin to really give it a good clean.

It removes my Bomb proof Inglot Gel Liner- No joke a little massage around the eye and it just melts away. Mascara and all, and furthermore it does not sting the eye or make it red. Perfect!

It is affordable - For 100ml it will only set you back €18.50 and is readily available in Arnotts, and

If you have yet to try out Merumaya you should really give it a whirl.

Blogging wise does this mean I will never try another cleanser, no. I try out new things all the time and even have some different cleanser reviews coming over next month or so, but I know they will be all compared to the Melting Cleansing Balm and so far I have yet to use one even on par let alone better then it.

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