Thursday 8 March 2012

Where To Follow Me

For the last few weeks the talk of GFC not been available to none blogger blogs has been all over the bb world. Me been new to this whole thing have not got a clue it it has affected me in anyway. I know I still have it because I use Blogger but I do not know how its affected followers. So I decided to compile a list of places where you can find me:

You can also follow this blog through email just type in you email in the follow by email box on the right --->and hey presto you get the blog emailed to you everyday!

To Rio We Go!!
I am also on MakeupBee and I just entered their recent competition with my look above!! 
and if you would like to give me a vote :)


  1. Oh wow!
    This is so creative!

    Jackie from GlitterandScissors...

  2. That makeup is fab just voted!

    joanne from

  3. I just voted!! :) The sequins on the eyebrow is lovely. I'm now following you, please check my blog out and follow back if you'd like :) x

  4. Thanks Girls! Wura got inspiration from Chanel eyebrows at PFW!


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