Saturday 30 March 2013

NYC Big Bold Curl Mascara Review

What NYC had to say about the Mascara;
"No more games, it's time to get noticed!
Skyscraper high, outrageously thick and super sexy. NYC's Big Bold Curl mascara gives your lashes up to 12 times more volume and up to 99% more lift. One stroke multiples your lashes by up to 147%. There are no clumps, just full-on drama and turned-right-up impact. Lashes get curled from corner to corner."

Oh NYC no no no no no no no! Just no.
I got so excited last week when I made my first beauty purchase in months. It was my birthday so I decided treat myself to a few bits. One of them being the new NYC Mascara, I had not heard much about it but in saying that I have been out of the loop for a bit. Their stand was advertising the mascara big time and only had a handful left in stock so I thought why not sure it was only €3.50.
Now I am a firm believer in high street brands and they come out with some quality stuff at a fraction of the cost, unfortunately they can make a few mistakes also.
Cue NYC's newest mistake!
First lets start with the pros, it is not all bad. Well OK the cons way out way the pros but at least there is pros.
The packaging is stunning I love the green and purple/pink its very eye catching and sleek.
Also the shade I got 855 Extra Black and it is definitely is extremely black. Which I love in a mascara.
Freakishly big brush
Now for the cons;
The size of the brush scares the beejaysus out of me its bigger then my eye. I keep poking myself in the eye with it or rubbing it off my skin and ending up smudging black all over my newly done eye. It's impossible to get into your small lashes in the inner and outer corners of the eye.
The Clumps!!
The clumps oh the clumps! I have not had clumps on my lashes since the first ever mascara I had when I was 13 which was from the Maybelline mascara with green lid. When I look through my lashes I can see the black balls hanging off my lashes. EUGH!
Layer one: Some lashes joined together, hmmm wheres the curl? I know what I will do, I will put on a second layer and see what happens. Now look at picture below!

Now for the worst con of all and an extreme pet hate I have. It gives you spider lashes.
Aghhhh! Spider Lashes!
I dread to even attempt a third layer.

All in all I am extremely disappointed with this latest edition to the NYC range. There is no lift (maybe because the clumps are weighing the lashes down. The brush is too big to get from corner to corner. My lashes are definitely not 12 times voluminous. They definitely need to get back to the drawing board on this one.


  1. Awwh no I just purchased the waterproof version of this and sadly I agree with you. The brush is just too huge for the job at hand. However, normally NYC are the best brand around

    1. Oh no sorry to hear you bought it too. Brush is far to big it's bigger then my eye. Do you get clumps with the waterproof?

    2. I only just bought it on Wednesday and only managed to apply it on one eye. Major sprider lashes and now that you say it,yes there was clumps at the end. I was so disappointed as I really thought it was going to be a great dupe for Maybelline's false lash mascra :(

  2. Oh wow that looks awful, I hate big brushes with a passion! Maybe it needs to dry out a bit and then try it again?

    1. Maybe but the brush turns me off it completely anyway . And when it dries makes you lashes all crispy feeling eugh


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