Saturday 14 April 2012

Take Care Of Your Brushes And They Will Take Care Of You!

 Say hello to my foundation brush, yes its one of many but this is not just an ordinary foundation brush its special. Now I can not think of the exact date I bought it but it was around the 15/16 age mark. Yes that makes this brush nearly 7 years old. What makes it even more special is I purchased it in the Euro 2 shop(i.e Pound Shop) and it cost just 2 euro!
 So your probably wondering how I kept it so new like? Well I did not keep it hidden away and only took it out last week to use no this brush has been well used! This was my only foundation brush up until last August so for about five and half years this brush has been used nearly everyday! 
 The reason its still in good shape is because I took care of it! There has been barely any if any hair loss, I can not remember the last time it shed! Its still holding the same shape as it was when I bought it, there is just a bit of wear and tear on the handle but that is to be expected.
 Taking care of your brushes is simple, you wash them properly and you let them dry properly! Giving them a deep cleanse once a week ( for personal brushes) will expand their shelf life significantly. Also giving them ample time to dry naturally will also help them keep their shape. Always washing them pointing downwards will leave the glue undisturbed and help it keep its hairs. Also by washing them your stopping the build up of bacteria which not only helps your face but your brush also!
Now I am not saying run to your nearest pound shop and pick up a foundation brush, I have no clue what the quality is like now or even weather they still do this brush. I am literally using this guy as an example how taking care of brushes can expand their shelf life significantly!
If you would like to see how to clean your brushes I did a blog post here

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