Sunday 1 January 2012

Fake eyelashes!!!

Just a quick post today!! Fake eyelashes some of you will love them , some will hate them and some of you will just be fed up with trying to get them on!! If your like me you will love them, weather you only wear them on special occasions or everyday you have to admit sometimes they can be a bit pricey for only wearing them once. Yes you can take good care of them and reuse them but I tend to take mine off and I either lose them or put them in my purse ( do not ask!) and they get ruined anyway. Frankly I do not mind because I have well over a hundred pairs and they only cost me less then 20 euro. I was frankly sick of paying 7 euro upwards for lashes, I have ones from Makeup Forever that I paid 20 euro for and  I have yet to wear them , so I went in search for cheaper ones. And I found them here Ebay, you get 60 pairs of lashes in 6 styles for approx 7.02 they can take up to 3 weeks to arrive but they're worth the wait for that price. There's no p&p fee so makes it even better!! These are everyday natural looking lashes but some of them have nice designs that open up your eye.

If your looking for more dramatic lashes Ebay do them also but you will pay more for them. You can also get individual lashes in all lenghts and sizes. Oh before I forget the glue in with these are crap and I have no idea what the sticks are for, so stick with duo glue! Just remember when shopping on ebay be careful only use top rated sellers and always use paypal!!

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