Sunday 29 January 2012

Decanting Lipsticks

So I was hoping this parcel was something for the Giveaway when it arrived but it was my empty palette I had ordered from ebay two weeks before. I promise I will do an update on the giveaway this week even if packages I am expecting do not arrive. My kit seems to be getting bigger by the minute and my kit bag is still the same size so I decided it was time to decant my lipsticks. I looked at a few places that sold palettes like z palettes and so on ,I was going to buy one but i decided to check out ebay first see what they had to offer, I found this empty palette with 28 metal pans for €3.23 and €4.85 p&p. I decided to give it a go sure if it was crap it would not be too much of a loss.

So how to decant your lipsicks, 
You will need:
  • Metal spoon
  • Candle
  • Lighter
  • Knife
  • Empty metal pans
  • Tissue paper
  • Lipsticks(duh)

Place a tissue paper on the table and light the candle. cut off enough lipstick to fill the pan. if your not sure just cut off a small amount and if its not enough you can just add more.

Place the cut lipstick on the spoon and hold t over the flame. Constantly swirl the spoon when the lipstick starts to melt. 

When the spoon gets really hot move the lipstick away from the flame but keep swirling the lipstick

If some lipstick is still not melting place over the flame again but make sure not to burn the lipstick.

Once the lipstick is completely melted pour into the metal pan quickly as it will start to dry, you may need to move the pan in circular motions to make sure the whole pan is filled. Make sure not to burn our fingers.


Continue to do this until all your lipsticks are done, I taught I had loads but I actually only have 12 I need to get more so there will be a lipstick haul soon. 

I decided to put my front cover I shadows in the palette with my lipsticks until I get more. They used to be in their original box but I was constantly dropping it as you an see from the broken parts of the eye shadows. These palettes are actually pretty good you will need more metal pans if you do take the plastic bit out but you can order them on ebay  as well. I will be ordering another 2 palettes for my other frontcover sets. 

Here is where you can buy the palettes:

Heres where you can buy empty metal pans:

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