Tuesday 21 February 2012

Master Pro Lash Comb

As you know I won a $250 voucher for Royal and Langnickel brushes before Christmas. I posted a picture of them here. I got around 50 brushes and I still have not used all of them. I have used quite a few and I have to say I am really impressed with their quality! I mostly picked brushes from their SILK range as I had heard these were best for pro artists and really luxurious, the reviews were not wrong!

I did however pick up this lash comb from their Master Pro range. Wayne Goss or as known gossmakeupartist on YouTube had done a video using a metal comb like this. He claimed it would give beautiful separated lashes that were not clumpy or weighed down and held a great curl. I was instantly curious so when my brushes arrived this was the first one I used.

Boy, he was not wrong! In my opinion my lashes are more fanned out, there's no sign of clumping or spider lashes and each lash is coated nicely. I used Maybelline Falsies mascara in both pictures.
Mascara applied normally with mascara brush
Mascara applied with Master Pro Lash Comb

Mascara applied with Master Pro Lash Comb

Now I will say if your all a bit squirmy with things touching your eyes or you apply your mascara in a hurry this technique is not for you! This comb is metal and you are coating your lashes from the root up so you feel metal on your skin. Your also working close to your eye so doing this technique quickly can seriously lead to some major accidents!

But if you have the patience and really want beautiful lashes I would suggest investing in one of these comb. They are available on the Royal and Langnickel website for £5.99. Or if your heading to the Irish Beauty Show in March there will be a Royal and Langnickel stand there.

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  1. For some reason lash combs are one brush I just never really use, but looks like you got great results! xo


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