Wednesday 8 February 2012

Too faced Smokey Eye Collection

I am a sucker for a bargain even if I do not need it I want it because it's such a good price. While collecting my weekly piggypoints 3 weeks ago I came across their Too Faced megadeal. For only €19.99 you got their Smokey Eye collection which rrp is €42. With using some of my points I only had to pay €9.99.

I had never purchased Too Face before , I had heard good things about some of their products but nothing about their eyeshadows. Which I think I know why!

The packaging is very eye catching and really nice for a palette but it could have been better. There is a few places where you can see white edges poking through and some of the corners are actually sharp! But I can always decant them so really it's not that much of a let down.

They give you these cute cards giving you directions on how to create certain smokey looks with the shadow. These are actually pretty cute and people who love smokey eyes these are really good would help veer people away from just the basic black. The only downside of them is it's telling you to blend certain colors and you can not blend well with the sponge applicators that are supplied.

l-r Classic smoke, Day smoke, Fashion Smoke
So onto the colors, they are really good smokey colors but I have them ten times over in other palettes. Their not extraordinary in any way. They are pretty pigmented apart from the two big cream colors. They can create a good few looks and I am glad it includes a matte black aswell a shimmer black.

The fact if the matter is this palette is not worth €42 , and if I had of paid full price I would be majorly annoyed. I only paid €9.99 and I do not think I would have paid much more. I am not saying do not go out and buy this it is nice,but you can get all these colors else where for cheaper.


  1. 42 Euros for that! you are right! the naked pallette is much better! great review though! Greets from Ireland! xxx Marina

  2. I love smokey make up...Nice blog ;):)


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