Thursday 2 February 2012


Cherrysue posted a picture of her new nails on her facebook  the other day, they were so pretty and I wanted them instantly! I was shocked when she told us all they were from Penneys and were only €4.50. So yesterday I went on a shopping trip to buy an outfit for Saturday night and as per usual I came home with an incomplete outfit and loads of stuff I did not need but wanted! I picked up two packs of these nail stickers. Wexford Penneys had only 3 types to choose from the plain studs, the pink polka dot ones and there is a not so nice grey multicoloured leopard ones that I left on the shelf.

I applied them last night and I do really like them there is a few pros and cons with them though.


  • Really pretty and they do have a good few designs to suit everyone
  • No glue needed
  • Easy to apply(when you know how)
  • Reasonably priced
  • You get 18 in a pack so great if you make a mistake
  • They are sticking pretty well I slept with them on washed and dyed my hair and they have stayed on apart from one.


  • Needs better instructions I applied two the wrong way round when I first applied them
  • Smaller Penneys do not carry a great selection
  • If you have short nails they do not apply well, I can not get one on my baby nail as it broke the other day and there's no nail to push the sticker under.

All and all I like them and would be good for a night out, and if I had longer nails I would think I would like them better!

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