Tuesday 28 February 2012

Febuary Glossybox

Glossybox arrived this morning and let's just say I am not impressed! Firstly Glossyboxs were sent out on Friday 17th of February and are only arriving today the 28th of February  in Ireland. 11days! Technically yes it's only 7 working days but Royal Mail work on Saturdays so actually 8 working days. All last week the beauty bloggers had countless posts up on what's in the the Glossybox and also Glossybox themselves posting pictures and blogs up of what's in it! Totally ruins the surprise for all us Irish folk! In my opinion Irish Glossyboxs should be sent 2/3 days before English ones and then we would all get them at the same time!

Onto the box, they have gone back to the original packaging which is pink and brown. So what did I get

• Duwop Venom Gloss in Buttercup

• Dr.Bronner Magic Liquid Soap

• Paul Michell Round Trip

• BM Beauty Pure Mineral Eyeshadow In Noir

• Como Shambhala Invirgorate Body Lotion

Lipgloss it's ok bit sticky but it's a nice color.

The magic Liquid soap which is more like an oil, hold on did I just not get an oily moisturising soap in my last box that I have barely used, I suppose though this one is citrusy where the last one was nectary so their totally different! NOT! Also got a shower gel in the box before that too and got Fab body wash in the January box aswell as the oil. Glossy box must think were extremely dirty!

Paul Mictchell Round Trip, smells absolutely devine, there's one problem with it I DO NOT HAVE CURLS. Like seriously do they not read your beauty profile!

Also trying to read the instructions to see if I could actually use it in some way(there's not!) was a nightmare like it does not peel off properly and you end up pulling nearly the whole label off!

Mineral eyeshadow not much to say about it could be better pigmented in my opinion and they could have filled the pots better. They over filled mine and when I opened it, it went everywhere!

The body lotion is a body lotion nothing exciting about it!

All in all hate the box it only had one full size product which is only worth £1.99 the box just contains same stuff they had before just different brand.

I am still waiting on the wow box I know there will be one they have had them before with the Illamasque Freak box, HD Brow box and the Nars box. Not all boxes are bad but this one takes the biscuit it's like they just took a break after the limited edition boxes and through just crap into this one. Come on Glossybox sort this stuff out!


  1. Wish they had glossybox in my country too. :(


  2. I got the same products but unfortunetly I didn't like any of them
    I'm giving the box away on my blog


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