Sunday 19 February 2012

New blog layout

Some of you may have noticed my blog changing over the past month or so. The makeover still is not complete but it's nearly there.

So the changes:
When I first started my blog it was pink and glittery, it so was not working and did not represent me as a person. So I changed it to the grey and cream layout, these are the colors I use on my business cards and posters for my business so they all tie in together.

About Me:
I added a new about me tab up above which gives you more of an insight into my background of why I became a makeup artist and started my blog.

I also added a tab to my latest giveaway so it is easier to find.

My Portfolio:
There is also a tab labeled My Portfolio, this is my professional makeup portfolio , any time I complete another shoot I will be updating it. Feel free to comment on them!

Blogs Worth Reading:
My blogs worth reading tabs, is just an insight into the blogs I read, these are great blogs and are worth a look there is also a few more to be added but every time I go to write them I go blank! So annoying! This will constantly be updated because I am still discovering some great blogs especially from us Irish girls.

Contact Me:
My contact details are on the left side if you would like to contact me, I am also available for bookings so mail me for a price list!

As I said I am still updating my blog so any suggestions comment below!

1 comment:

  1. I like the layout, I recently change mine too, its good to freshen it up now and again!


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