Wednesday 29 February 2012

Sleek Pout Paint in Pin Up

157 Pin Up
The excitement when this was delivered this morning! These pout paints have been out a while now and there has been numerous posts on them, the only thing I never saw a post on was how long they lasted(if there has been one I have missed it). So I taught I would do one today for you all.

Applied this at 1.30pm, when applying you need to use a lip brush and literally the tiniest  dot is enough to do your whole lip. Be warned it's a bold true red , and it's in your face! If you do decide to wear this during the day keep eye makeup to a minimal like I did here.

This is me at 5.30pm, I've been out shopping and just had a cup of coffee. While I was out I kept checking on them one thing I did notice was after 2hours the glossiness wears off and they become matte. Note though that they do not dry at all so you will get transfer.

7.30pm just had dinner and a glass of water and I kissed my niece twice. I then had to get a wipe to get the red off her she was not impressed to say the least!

All in all I am really impressed, not only are they highly pigmented but they have good staying power as well.  The range has 12 different colors which include a white and a blue which can be worn on their own or used as a mixing agent to make new shades how fab is that! I got mine from Beauty Emporium for  €5.70.
Its is defiantly great for a night out, stick to a straw with your drink and avoid kissing any boys and there is no need for constant trips to the toilet for lipgloss top ups!

I also picked up a Sleek Blush in Rose Gold, I will not be doing a blog post on this because it has been blogged about zillions upon trillions of times. It is a dupe for Nars  Orgasm and a 1/3 of the price. Check out EmeraldEyeliner's post on it here! 
Rose Gold
This is literally how much you will need of the pout paint! Rose Gold beside it!

Pin Up and Rose Gold

Sleek Makeup is available to order from with €2 postage to Ireland and €3 to UK


  1. Love the shade of the pout paint, little jealous of your perfect pout too!!

  2. Oooh such a pretty red :)

  3. Love this shade <3 Looking gorgeous on you!!!

  4. I am convinced! I am gonna buy this !!


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