Friday 3 February 2012

Avon New Perfect Eyebrow Pencils

I literally can not go anywhere now without my eyebrows filled in and my mascara on, it does not matter weather I have nothing else on I just do not feel normal without my eyebrows or lashes. I have always used gel or powder in my eyebrows as anytime I had tried pencil they either look too drawn on and harsh and I like to keep mine natural but tidy. Ever since I have gone purple I have been trying to keep my eyebrows pretty light using more blonde haired shades instead of my usual dark browns. I ordered these two brow pencils primarily for my kit because some people do prefer pencil.

I had no expectations of them , I do like Avon cosmetics and they have been bringing out more and more makeup over the years that is as good quality if not better then some of the higher end products out there.I really taught I would not like them on myself but I was completely wrong! I am in love! I keep catching myself staring in the mirror at my beautiful eyebrows. They are in no way harsh looking and the spolie on the end of the pencil helps achieve the natural look I love.

My natural brow, which has a good few gaps of no hair!
Full face makeup with new brows!

Blonde on top and dark brown on bottom
The Pencils come in too shades blonde and dark brown, they are super soft and easy to use. They will be available from brochure 5 onwards. And will normally be €8.50 but they are on offer for €4.50 in brochure 5. So if you love eyebrow pencils I would defiantly recommend these and if you were like me and did not like pencil I defiantly recommend these to convert you.

You can order Avon from your local Representative , if you do not have one you can request one here!

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  1. Have just finsished my Avon glimmerstick for brows and these sound like the perfect replacement! Thanks for the heads-up xo


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