Saturday, 11 February 2012

Rant Saturday

Two things to rant about today, I do not usually get annoyed with products or brands but this week just took the biscuit!

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner:
So I only received my Glossybox on Monday so on Tuesday I decided to give my Skinny Eyeliner a go. I applied it to my waterline and found it pretty sore applying it. So when I went to topic up that evening I decided to warm it up on my hand. The pencil just crumbled so I reached for the pairer! I literally turned it once which was so difficult to even turn and SNAP! The whole end broken off! Not Impressed!!

On Wednesday Art Deco the makeup brand posted on their Facebook page asking fans to write up Makeup Tips and if they got 10 or more friends to like their post in 24hrs then they got a free product. This was the only T&C's! So I posted up a tip on how to get the perfect red lip. Got nearly 20 family and friends to like my comment! Art Deco wrote under my comment when I had hit ten to forward my address to their email to claim my product. Two days passed and I had not received an email as confirmation. I commented again on their Facebook to see if they had received it and was told they had and my product was on the way. I woke up yesterday morning to find an email from Art Deco stating because I lived in Ireland I would not receive a product! Eh I was already told it was sent! Seriously am not impressed and they got an email back stating how I was not impressed either. They have failed to reply ''great customer service'' and can certainly say I will not be buying any Art Deco. You know it does not cost much to post to Ireland!

Rant over! Have a great weekend!
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