Friday 24 February 2012

Avons dupe for Benefits They´re Real

As well as the nail polish, Avon's new Mascara arrived also. Introducing SuperExtend Extreme Mascara.

 Avon says it lengthens lashes up to 87% and does not flake clump or smudge micro precision brush captures even tiniest of lashes. First thing I noticed was the brush! Nearly identical to Benefits They´re Real mascara, the only difference is Avon´s brush is slightly squarer.

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As you know I worked for Benefit over Christmas, They´re would always sell out in a matter of hours anytime we got in a delivery. Women everywhere were crazy for the hype, and yes it is a nice mascara it did nothing spectacular for me.(I must be the only person in the world!) My mother blessed me with long lashes ( I am forever grateful), so with They´re Real in did not give me any more length. I will say it did work wonders on ladies with short lashes but I have seen regular cheaper mascaras do that also! One thing I did like though is its precision brush on the top it was great for getting in the inside corners and coating the bottom lashes easily.
Avons Brush

But look this brush has it also and its great for getting in them inner corners! I am pretty impressed with the mascara it coats the lashes nicely and gives them a nice curl its not clumpy or gloopy in any way. There is been no flaking or smudging so far.

No Flash
With Flash

As for the packaging its pretty basic which I like, just a solid yellow color and black writing. It would certainly be easy to find in your handbag!

SuperExtend Extreme Mascara will be launched in Brochure 7 at an introductory  price of €6.50 and will normally  be €13 thereafter. Benefits They´re Real is €24.50. 

You can order Avon from your local Representative , if you do not have one you can request one here!


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