Wednesday 1 February 2012

January Favorites!

John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Serum
My sister got me this as part of my Christmas box. I was completely baffled why even she even bought it for me, I do not have frizzy hair so I did not even know if I would use it. I tried it out of curiosity a few weeks ago, and it does do something. My hair miraculously drys in half the it used to! So now I can not put this down I never dry my hair without it!

Nip+Fab Spot Fix
I got this in my December glossy box and spots have been popping up like no body's business! It's like it jinxed me! But this is great it drys them out and takes down the redness and within a day or two their a distant memory.

M.A.C Vanilla Pigment:
Ok this is all year round favorite, but I recently got a new one and I just can not put it down. It looks amazing in photos, catches the light beautifully , it's just stunning can not get enough of it!

Soap and Glory's Mist You Madly Spray
Just after Christmas I ran out of my favourite perfume and when I went in to get another one they were sold out :(! I have other ones but instead of reaching from them I've been spritzing myself with Soap and Glory Mist You Madly Spray, it's so light and feminine it's just yummy! I pop it into my bag for extra sprays during the day because it can wear off, I wish they did a smaller bottle just because the big bottle can weigh you down.

Panda jumper
My mam gave it this name first time I wore it so it now has stuck. I just can not stop wearing it, it's just so snug it goes with everything. It's just my go to piece. It does have a down side :( I went to wash it and when I checked the label it's DRY CLEAN ONLY. Eh gutted was the word, it's an effort to bring to the dry cleaners where I am living at the moment. There is no dry cleaners near me I know one closed down in town due to the recession so at the moment I'm spritzing with febreeze until it really needs a dry clean it only really touches my skin on the shoulders and wrists so it's not too bad.


  1. Interesting tip about the Frizz Ease serum!

    1. How it does it haven't a clue but like I dnt even towel dry my hair and it drys in less then 5 mins

  2. Everything from Soap and Glory smells amazing! :D

    1. Yes they all smell amazing haven't smelt their makeup yet doh!

  3. I got the frizz ease serum free haha, glad you like it lol!


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