Friday 19 October 2012

River Island Earring Haul

OK starting back nice and easy here. My absence has been noticed by quite a few of you, so its great to know I have not been forgotten about. My sincere apologies and I am here to say I am truly and completely 100% back into the blogging world my YouTube will be back in a week or two as I somehow forgot my tripod in Portugal and now have to invest in a new one.

So some of you may or may not remember a haul video I did back at the start of April where I had got a new River Island purse from vouchers my best friend Sarah had given me for my 22nd. Well I still had a ten euro voucher taking up space in my purse since then and I had no idea what to purchase with it. Through the grapevine as I have had no Internet till all of 5 minutes ago I heard that River Island were having a sale. On one of my many job hunting excursions to town I had a little browse in the sale section nothing really caught my eye and was mostly summer stuff and by god there ain't no summer in Ireland. 

So I popped up to their accessories section and decided some earrings would be just what I needed to cheer up my wintery blues since leaving the sunshine. And free earrings make a girl even more happier!

Rose Gold Crosses

Since spring Rose Gold and Crosses have been everywhere so these were a must have and will go with everything.


How cute are these little guys they made me smile and for two euro how could I turn them down!

Gold spike ear cuff
Instantly had to have it when I saw it and for four euro complete steal, as you know I love statement jewellery and my snake earring still is my go to piece but I think this piece could find its way to the top of my go to list of accessories over winter.

Glad to be back and hope you guys are glad to have me back!


1 comment:

  1. Those hedgehogs earrings are so cute!! Hope you can stop by me and my sister's blog!

    Stay pretty xo


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