Sunday 21 October 2012

Picture Sunday (03)

This week Picture Sunday is a collection of pictures of the last three weeks. Since I have come back from Portugal I have been under huge amount of stress( mostly self inflicted) with house hunting job hunting amongst a long list of other things. Life has been somewhat dull since I have been back so sorry the pictures are not more interesting but I am slowly but surely fitting back into my old life. So I promise more exciting Picture Sundays to come!

Cracked Laptop Screen but finally back blogging/ My new tattoo sleeve/ 
Early Christmas present of Ed Sheeran ticket from the folks/ A quote I think my mother sent me which really has significance at the moment

Brogues and rolled up jeans/ A photo taken at my sisters wedding of some of my makeup kit/
Perfect Sunday breakfast of pancakes and coffee/ Even though I had no clue what it was last week I finally have WhatsApp on my phone

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