Thursday 25 October 2012

Fall In Love With Parfois

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When I lived in Portugal, I kind of felt I lived in a bubble. I had cut myself off completely from the online world, did not buy a newspaper or magazine and never saw the news. The world was going by but I had no clue what was going on in it. I did not know the latest fashion trends, had no idea what makeup companies were coming up with as the new must have product, I was completely and utterly out of the loop! Apart from one shop gave me little inklings of what was in and what was moving out. You see Albufeira is a complete holiday spot its full of restaurants, bars, more restaurants, more bars and about 50 Chinese shops all selling the same things. There was one kind of shop like boots that had one Rimmel stand and that was it. Yes for 10 euro in a taxi I could go to Algarve shopping and hit the regular stores like Berskha, Zara and Sephora but when you work 12 hours a day till five in the morning the last thing you want to do is get up and go window shopping!

There was one shop, as I said, that kept my passion for fashion alive! And certainly made my obsession with handbags a million times worse! This shop is known as Parfois, a gorgeous handbag,shoe,accessories shop that has something for everyone, from your tiny little clutch bags to your fit the kitchen sink in bags! Statement jewellery to killer heels and fancy watches to bug eye sunglasses. The first job I had over there was literally in front of this shop so I watched every Thursday as the display windows were changed with the new collection and I counted down the days till payday so I could get my hands on their stuff!

Now the pictures I am going to show you are of my Parfois bags but I did buy alot of their earrings like I would say at least 30 pairs, no lie I do not have a pair of them left! I must have lost one of their earrings a week at my friends house and never found them. Believe me I tore his house apart searching for them, cleaned it from top to bottom but never found any. Its as if the went to that place were odd socks go, the odd earring place! Or on the other hand he had a earring fetish and has them in a little box somewhere, guess I'll never know.

My go to bag at the moment and matching purse! Purse: 14.90 Bag: 24.90

Close up of bag

Going out bag. I am not a fan of clutches I just leave them down and walk away forgetting I ever had a bag so this little bag with its gold chain is perfect for me. € 13.90 on sale

My first Parfois bag. Bright red with detachable long strap. € 29.90

As you can see they have a bag for all your needs and a purse to match all are very reasonable priced and most of their bags come with a detachable strap. Bags start from 17.90 upwards, purses from 7.90, jewellery from 3.90, shoes from 14.90 and so on.

So here I am telling you about this amazing accessories boutique in Portugal and your like "That's great Meg but how am I supposed to get my mitts on their stuff!" Well would I let you down never! Parfois not only has a shop in Dublin Airport new Terminal 1 but also has a online store that caters Ireland and gives free delivery on orders over 40 euro, also at the moment has a special promotion of  free delivery on orders over 10 euro. So weather your looking for a new handbag, or some studded ballerinas, or a new pair of sunnies for this fabulous weather were having in Ireland why not check Parfois out.

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