Thursday 14 June 2012

Update: Where have I been!

Ola! God have a missed you! Having no internet connection is killing me and sitting in a small internet cafe with no ventilation in 35 degrees kills me even more! I have reached 11000 views on the blog and over 110 subscribers and I could not be happier. I want to thank you all for all your support and for following me even when I've not been here. I promise to get back into blogging ASAP just need to get my thinking cap on about what to write about! Portugal has been amazing so far and I've met some amazing people I quit the job I came over for as I was been taken for granted and end up been completely stressed over a bar that was not mine and I was not been paid to manage, some of the staff were absolutely horrible and made my time there even worse so I just walked away! So at the moment I am enjoying myself and when the next job comes along I'll be here! Oh I no longer have purple hair :( the water over here is too hard and washes out the purple in two washes so there's no use in even trying , I am gonna change it so I'll keep you updated on it! Hope your all doing well and do not miss me too much I will be back soon! Xxxxx


  1. awwwww hunny im sorry that your first job over there didnt work out but you were right not to stay it would only depress you and you are over there for a good experience.....the best of luck finding a new job which im sure wont take long......cant wait to see your new future hair :) :) am so jealous of the great weather you have over there as you know over here typical Irish weather its pelting down as i write to you!!!!! we have had on and off goodish weather but mostly rain for the past 3 weeks or so :( hope your well hunny chat soon :)

  2. Hi!! It's been ages!! It's a pity it didn't work out but at least your in a beautiful county. I have awarded you with the blogger appreciation award. This is the link to show u

  3. Hope you're having a great time even if the job didn't work out - can't wait to see what your hair will be like next! xo


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