Saturday 19 November 2011

Brushes a must have or complete waste of money!!!

Many a times I have asked by friends do I really need to use brushes, my answer is always yes!!! But do you need a gazillion no not at all! My friends would see my ever growing brush belt when I am applying their makeup of a Saturday night and every week the same question is 'What do you use them all for?'. Truth is I only would use max about 9 on one face at a time , the reason I have so many is their duplicated I have about 2 of every brush some I have about 6 of some brushes.

So your question now is 'Do I buy a brush set?' again my answer is no! If the only persons makeup your applying is your own then you defiantly do not need a 42 piece brush, you will never use all the brushes and some of them you might not even know what to use them for! Though they do look all shiny and new and us girls been like magpies can't resist do we really need to burn that big hole of €295 in our pocket or our boyfriends this Christmas. So how many do you need, well my answer will be 5, just 5 no more no less!

1: Foundation brush, the type of brush you use is totally up to you- types available are kabuki, flat head, stippling.
2: Angled blusher brush, this can be used to apply powder contour and blush
3:Blending eye brush, this is a must have you will never achieve the perfect smokey eye without one!
4: Angled eye brush, this can be used to apply the perfect cat eye flick with gel eyeliner or if your an eyebrow girl then this will be your saviour for creating that structured brow
5: Flat eye brush, perfect for packing on the color before you use your blending brush in the socket line!

In my opinion these are all the brushes you will need to create that flawless look and save you them much needed pennies! It also means that you can get your boyfriend to spend the rest of the money he would spend on the brush set on some fab makeup for your collection. Around this time of year many makeup counters are doing some fab small brush set and most of them come under the €50 mark. Though some of them do not carry all the brushes listed in my 5 must haves so here's my list of brushes that you can buy individually:

Foundation brush: Mac 187, Mac 130,Mac 188, Mac 190,Inglot 27TG, Inglot 21T,Crown C406, Crown C404, Crown SS003, Crown SS009

Angled blusher brush: Mac 168, Inglot 3P,Crown C104, Crown BK04, Crown B04, Crown SS013

Blending eye brush: Mac 217, Mac 224, Inglot 4SS, Inglot 6SS, Crown BK30, Crown BK38, Crown C200,Crown C429, No.7 Eye contour brush( buy for free with No.7 Boots Voucher)

Angled eye brush:Mac 208, Mac 263, Inglot 31T, Inglot 17TL, Crown B08, Crown BK45, Crown C207

Flat eye brush: Mac 249, Mac 239, Mac 242, Inglot 28PO, Inglot 29PO, Inglot 16PP, Crown BK39, Crown C202, Crown C417

Mac available in Brown Thomas Grafton Street and BT2 Dundrum
Inglot available in Jervis Shopping Center, Dundrum Town Center, Liffey Valley, Blanchardstown Shopping Center and Cresent Shopping Centre Limerick.
Crown available at

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