Saturday 19 November 2011

Kate Moss first Lipstick for Rimmel London

It's hard to believe Kate Moss and Rimmel London have been working together for ten years. It's hard to believe Kate Moss is 37 years old actually!! To mark their decade anniversary Kate and Rimmel have joined together once more and launched Kate's debut lipstick collection. Available in 7 shades in a sleek black packaging with Kate's signature in red, shows that this range is aimed at all ages and pockets. Ranging from 4.95 -7.95 depending on where you buy it, I believe its a total bargain!

I recently went out and purchased shades 01 and 05 for my makeup kit, but me been me I could not resist trying it on myself. 01 of course is a deep red a staple color on Kate Moss lips.This is defiantly a blue tone. 05 is a bright pink shade. Both have a tiny bit of shimmer to them probably from the black diamond ingredient according to Rimmel gives them incredible new levels of light reflective elements. Smell wise (yes I smell all makeup and hopefully I am not the only one) slight fruity smell off them but have that normal lipstick smell otherwise.

I wore shade 01 all day today and the only time I had to retouch it was after eating , I did not use  lip liner or lip stain under the lipstick and even after eating all the color had not been removed from my lips which I was rather impressed with! The color went completely matt after application so if your looking for a moisturising lipstick this is not for you! I was really impressed with the depth of color and felt it really suited my skin color(though I do not really like to admit it I am pretty pale I would wear NC15 for you Mac lovers!!). I swatched the 05 shade on my hand and I am afraid to say I do not think this color is for me, I used to love wearing pink lippies and glosses when I was younger but I feel now when I wear them now I look younger!! So I think this is one I will save for my clients and I will have to buy another 01 for my clients as I will be keeping this one for myself! On my next haul I will defiantly be picking up shade 03 and 04 , 03 been the nude and 04 been the purple which I hear is a dupe to Mac Cyber but I have not judged for myself yet so I will keep you informed.


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