Sunday 20 November 2011

ColorSensational, a Sensational Let Down!!!

I recently picked up the new Maybelline ColorSensational Lip stain for free when I bought other Maybelline products. I have always liked the idea of lip stains, and I am a regular user of Benefit Benetint under my red lipsticks. So when I saw this I taught great a lip stain in a range of colors , it would be great for my clients who are looking for long wearing color on their lips.

Boy it was a complete let down! If I had of been spending my own money on it I would have done my regular checks on them in store, which would include checking the applicator, pigmentation and texture. So when I got home first thing I realised was I would never use this on a client. The felt tip applicator is one of the most unhygienic applicators I have seen since they put brushes on foundation bottles. At least they can be slightly cleaned by running hot water, this applicator can not be cleaned at all. If I did want to use this on customers I would have to break off the lid and put it in another container. Really I am not that bothered! I decided I would use it on myself. Oh I forgot to mention I got number 350 in Blushing.

After the whole application diabolical I noticed the smell and I can not lie it smells DIVINE!! The smell of berries actually over powered the whole room but unfortunately it does not make you lips smell divine , does not make them smell of anything. Color wise I was happy enough blushing is a deep pink verging on purple and looking great under light pink glosses, it gave an extra bit dept to my everyday lip color. There is one thing that makes me stay loyal to Benetint , the fact its smudge proof or as other people like to call it kiss proof ! It stays on no matter what your up to! That's the whole purpose of lip stains! Rating the longevity of Colorsensational on a scale of one to ten is a big fat 0! It last max about 2 hours , not what I would label a lip stain at all.

I bought this 2 weeks ago now and have used it about 4 times and now I can no longer use it! I have already mentioned about the applicator well not only is it unhygienic it has now completely dried up and I can only get a dribble of color out of it. I really had high hopes for this product as I do like other Maybelline products and I could see me using it in my kit, but this is defiantly one for Maybelline to go back to the drawing board on and for us to leave on the shelf. I would love to know if any of you had bought one and had a similar or different experience to mine.

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