Thursday 29 March 2012

Some Of Blogs From Near and Afar

This is some of my favorite bloggers from Ireland and abroad. I have been meaning to update my Blogs worth reading page for ages now just have not had the time to do it. Seeing as my camera is out of action( I taught you could just plug it in to my computer eh no it does not charge like that! FAIL!) I taught this would be a great chance to do it. So here they all are, Give all these lovely ladies a follow if you are not already. If you do not follow Beaut what rock have you been living under, wrote by sisters Kirstie and Aisling these sisters are in the know when it comes to everything beauty related. I certainly look forward to 5pm everyday when I get my fix of Wrote by Amy, this gorgeous lady introduced me to the whole blogging world up until early 2010 I had no clue about any blog and now I would be lost without it.

Fluff and Fripperies- Irish beauty blog with makeup, fashion, lifestyle and skincare! Emma writes a blog about every girls life luxuries. She showcases some great Irish products and she writes for also so you can check her out there.

Cherry Sue, Doin' the Do A Beautiful blog that has had me in tears one day and kinks of laughter the next! Susan's Monday moments always makes Mondays a bit more bearable, her nail posts spur me on to paint my nails and her pick of the week lets me have a little boogie around the room!

Lovely Girlie Bits Another two Irish sisters, Joanne and Karen chatting about Makeup, Hair, Nails everything you want from a beauty blog!

THUNDER + THREADS Leanne, one of my favorite blogger and vlogger, she is a girl that speaks her mind and its something I completely respect her for even if other people might disagree. She has a great sense of style and

Viva Adonis Two Irish Best Friends Dee and Sinead are beauty mad and in the know. They do some great reviews and very informative comparison posts on similar products by different brands. They also have a foodie kind of blog which has some amazing recipes( try the cookie one amazing with a cup of tea)

Adoreabubbles.  Sarah is just adorable!  Another Irish blogger and Vlogger she just talks and products she loves and will always put a smile on your face.

Dee-lightfulthoughts A blog about everything nice, from books to beauty to thoughts about her boyfriend and strip clubs! Its just a great blog and deserves a read!

Essiebutton- Canadian Estée who live in England, if you do not watch essiebutton on YouTube then your missing out on an amazing girl. She just exudes happiness you just can not be happy after watching her. Her Blog gives you more detailed pictures and somethings she does not mention in her videos. Just love this girl!

Fashion turn to the right -Dublin girl Aoife talks about everything fashion and beauty related. Just a great all round blog!

Musing of a Make Up Manic Julie writes about everything beauty related and how has a great YouTube, what more could you want? 

Fitz N Bitz- Laura from Cork, she has beauty bitz, fashion bitz and fitz bitz which is everything none fashion and beauty related. Its a great all rounder blog and she has just started back on YouTube.

Jimmilou.Com -An Irish girl in Australia, Joanne's outfits of the day are great their the first blog I go to in the mornings, she shows you do not need to buy expensive clothes to be stylish. She has a gorgeous jewelry line that shes just getting off the ground and I can not wait till I can get my hands on it. 

Ninas Bargain Beauty- Nina is someone I would call Wonder Women! With 5 kids how she makes the time to blog and vlog is beyond me. She does some great reviews on Glossybox's and shows us some great products that do not cost a bomb either.

Under The Willow Trees - This gorgeous blogger started around the same time as me, she posts on everything beauty related and some great OOTDs. Her Saturday strolls post always make me a tad jealous and miss England just a little bit. She just started on YouTube also.

Beautycrush- Sammie is a complete fashioniste, absolutely love her YouTube and her blog is just extra to that she puts up some great OOTD and pictures of her everyday adventures.


  1. Aw Megan thanks so much for the link, love your blog! We aren't ststers though haha ;) just BFFs! xxx

  2. Thanks so much Megan, so chuffed by your little description. Only a few more days to go till the store launches can't wait!

    Going to check out the other blogs that I havn't seen before, great list!

    1. No probs ooo so exciting can not wait to see all your pieces! x

  3. Thanks so much for the shout out Megan :) Love your blog :)

  4. Thanks for the shout out Megan :)

  5. Amazing blog, absolutely love it.

  6. Aw thanks Megan this has put a smile on my face! Also given me one or two more blogs to check out :)

  7. Your welcome Emma hope you have a great weekend! X


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