Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Pink Panda!!!

I headed to the beauty show this week in the RDS!!! I was a bit sceptical after the October one which was absolutely crap!!!It was completely aimed at beauty therapy and there was nothing there for me. Also I wished they would change how they name you on your card, I swear no offence to beauty therapists but the one thing hate , is been called a therapist when I am a makeup artist! I|t does not go down with me well! Rant over!! But this show was brill I did go with a list in hand but I think if you do not end up sending unnecessary pennies!

Outfit of the day was casual but still showed off my style. I know I blog about this jumper to death, but I love it and its so comfortable!

Face was pretty sheer with a hint of sleek rose gold blush and Viva Glam By Nicki Minaj  on the lips.

Top: New Look
Jeans : Vila
Shoes: Dunnes Stores

I was planning to do my beauty show haul tomorrow but the harrods glossybox arrived a week early so all my posts have been jumbled up this week!

Hope you all had a fab weekend!!
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