Wednesday 14 March 2012

Harrods Glossybox and Beauty Show Haul

 The March Glossybox arrived on Monday morning and all Glossybox's sins have been forgiven! This month was the limited edition Harrods box. Harrods is the English version of Brown Thomas except better!

In my box I received:
  • Fendi- Fan di Fendi Eau De Toilette 4ml
  • Ojon - Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum
  • Erno Laszlo- The Hollywood Collection : 5 Piece Cream Gift Set
  • Burberry Beauty- Miniature Lip Cover Rosewood N04
  • Clairins - Extra Firming Body Cream

As you all know I went to the Irish Beauty Show on Monday, I went with a list so I would not over spend and I got mostly what I wanted  and what I did not get just was not available or sold out.

They had such good deals on Opi at the show most polishes were 5.75 and some old seasons been just 3.00 euro. I picked up 4 polishes, one will be revealed later in the week, for 14.75.
L-R Mod About You, Muppets collection Excuse Moi!, Moon over Mumbai

 Wayne Goss raves about Makeup Atelier any chance he gets and is always using this concealer palette. So when I saw they would be at the show this went on my list. It cost 28 euro.

 Lashes were on 3 for 2 so I picked some up for my kit as you can never have enough!
 Boring Stuff! Got two empty spray bottles for water and surgical spirits, some wooden sticks for cuticles and some nail gems. I paid 10.95 for them gems, was soo annoyed when I realised because they were so much cheaper at other stands. You live and learn!
 Crown brush was the first place I hit when I got in. It can be the first stand that gets over crowded so its best to get to it early. Now technically I did not need anymore brushes I think my collection is hitting over a 100 now but I just could not help myself and I have an excuse for every purchase! Firstly I got 4 eyeliner brush. I already have two from Crown which I love but one is completely stained with eyeliner now so i just keep that for personal use. So I needed these! They were 3 euro each
 Next I got two lip brushes, when I am working these are the first thing that I tend to run out of and need to spot clean so having more is never any harm!
Ok this one I have no excuse for I already have 6 fluffy brushes and I do not need any more but I love them and their so soft. I had to hold myself back and not get any more! I also picked up a foundation brush for my sister and a eyebrow brush for my mam which are in the haul picture all the brushes came to a total of 35 euro.

Lastly I picked up my beauty box, I sometimes work next door at the local salon and carrying my whole case over there can be such a nuisance and get in the way, so I started to bring a smaller kit bag but the zip broke on that the other week so I invested in a box. They can get pretty heavy at times and are not suitable for carrying all over the place. But for short distances or going to a clients help can just make your kit look more cleaner and professional. Alot of the boxes at the show were leopard , zebra and snake print not my cup of tea at all. This one was the nicest I had seen and had the best drawers.All the separators are removable.It was only 50 euro.

What did you think of the Harrods box??

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