Thursday 22 March 2012

Maybelline Color tattoos - They Are Amazing!!

These babies were not supposed to hit our counters till next week but they have been popping up in random Boots and Superdrugs all over the country. And a little birdie told me that they have been actually been sitting in drawers for weeks now as testers did not arrive with them. After Emerald Eyeliner post on these Tuesday all us bloggers have been rushing to the nearest Maybelline stands in hope of finding them. Now I was not able to get to my nearest Superdrug till this morning but been that I am in Wexford I was hoping all would be good and they would still be there.

They had literally only sold one! Ladies of Wexford do you not know how amazing they are?? And their on 3for2 so they are even more amazing! Now here are the swatches of the ones they had on display:

No Flash-  Tenacious Teal, Bad to the Bronze, Eternal Gold

Flash- Picture does not do the blue justice it is much more vibrant.

Loved the gold one was a bit emph on the bronze and I really just did not want the blue! Me and the color blue  are just not friends, but I do admit the color pay off is great on it but it is harder to work then the others. A bit deflated I picked them up and said ah sure they are amazing just not the ones I want. Picked up the rest of my bits and bobs and headed to the counter, where I decided to chance my arm and ask if they had anymore. Then I was led back over to the Maybelline counter, where the beauty specialist opened the bottom drawer and there they all were in all their glory! They were just singing out to me saying "You found us! Take us home with you!"

I had to restrain myself I wanted them all( apart from the blue) but my purse said no! So I picked out the ones I had to have and the others will just wait in the drawer until I come back.
No Flash- Immortal Charcoal, Permanent Taupe, Eternal Gold

These babies live up to all the hype, they do not move their extremely pigmented and defiantly give MAC paintpots a run for their money and are half the price! They literally will not budge when their on their on! I can not even smudge the swatches. I will do a look on the maybe on my youtube so you can see how they work and I'll let you all know if they crease or not. So keep an eye out!

Beautiful grey it is a bit Shimmery but not over board
Now I wanted Tough As Taupe (shade 35) but they did not have it , and I checked Maybelline  USA website and they do not have this shade. So I am getting the feeling were getting this shade instead. I still love it, its a beautiful matte taupe.

Just a beautiful gold! What more could you ask for.

Now two colors that I did not see was Too Cool and Audacious Asphalt. Two colors I really want now I have no clue weather were getting them ( fingers crossed). But in the drawer of colors I saw they had about 7 or 8 colors and there is 10 in the collection as far as I know


  1. Really want these now! Going to look out for them when I go shopping tomorrow. Thanks for this! xx

    1. Go find them Superdrug is your best bet! The purple one is divine aswell actually their all divine!


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