Monday 5 March 2012

Make Your Own Tinted Moisturizer

Finally weather is getting better, well the sun is out but its still cold! Seen as its nicer I'm getting back into walking, I do not wear full face of makeup when I walking there is no need your going to sweat and skin can not breathe properly. So I just put on some tinted moisturizer, concealer and mascara and some lippy and I am ready to go!

Here is the thing I have never owned a bottle/ tube of tinted moisturiser in my life. Frankly I just do not see the point in paying for something you have the means of making at home especially forking out like 20/30 quid.

So how to make some, all you need is

  • Light Moisturizer
  • Foundation
That's all! Choose a light moisturiser, if you used a rich one they tend to take too long to soak into the skin and it can slide off your face, not a good look. Make sure your moisturizer has SPF in it, protecting your skin from the sun is really important the less damage you do now in your youth the better it will be in old age!

Light Moisturiser

You can also use powder foundation, I am not really into powder foundations my skin can be pretty dry at times so the only way I can use it is like a tinted moisturizer.

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