Tuesday 20 March 2012

Garnier BB cream- I Hate It! Noelle Loves It!

A while back Noelle asked me to pick out a new foundation for the day and night for her. We picked up Revlon Colorstay for the night and Garnier BB cream for the day. I was looking for a tinted moisturiser for her because shes in final years of been a veterinarian student and has no time in the morning to apply makeup, she also has dry skin so was looking for something moisturising for her skin. Garnier BB cream had just been released at the time so there was stands everywhere. I decided it was a good match for her and she could also be my guinea pig on the product. So a few weeks ago she text me saying she absolutely loved it and I needed to test it out for myself. Oh boy do we disagree!
This is just a sample I had of it.

Me and Noelle never really disagree on things but were on totally opposites sides of the fence on this product. Note that I have normal to dry skin and Noelle has oily to dry skin.
This is the lovely Noelle!

Noelle Loves It:
  1. Its Light, no heavy feeling skin is able to breathe
  2. Easy to apply and can be applied in a matter of seconds
  3. Does not become patchy on her dry skin
  4. Reasonable price
Noelle does feel it could be a bit lighter, it only comes in two shades at the moment and she wears the light. She adds a tiny bit of moisturizer to make it suit better
What is going on with my lips? This is supposed to be a sad face!

Now why do I hate it

  1. Light is nowhere near light I look like Ive been tangoed!
  2. It feels greasy on my skin! I actually can not bare to touch my skin when its on!
  3. It just does not sit on the skin right even with some powder on top of it! 
Now I am not gonna say buy it or do not buy it, as you can see we do not agree but everyone is different. What I am gonna say is test it! If you can get your hands on a sample try it out or bring a small pot to a store with you and take some the tester home.


  1. I thought this product was the best thing since sliced bread...until I tried other BB creams. It really is thick and feels so wierd! it also has a scent to it almost chemically! At the moment im trying out 17 BB cream and Skin79 blemish balm.

    1. Think I mite try MUA new one heard they have a really light one


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